Reince Priebus: Moving on up?

The Washington Post blog The Fix wants you to know that Wisconsin Republican chair Reince Priebus could be the man to replace Michael Steele as National Republican leader. Newt Gingrich wants you to know he whole-heartedly agrees.

Since politics is nothing but symbiotic, I’d have to infer that Reince Priebus is supporting Newt Gingrich’s presidential bid. After all, Gingrich is headed to Iowa to promote his latest book.

I’m hearing John Hiller for a Priebus replacement.

As far as a national job for Priebus, I’d really rather see Sarah Palin or Newt Gingrich there instead. Priebus didn’t orchestrate anything here, he just got lucky. Wisconsin is a fully third of independent voters, and they were all willing to swing right of center. I will credit Priebus with shutting down the Tea Party voice in Wisconsin, though. They didn’t stand a chance around here.

I’ll also step out on a limb and say I sure hope the next Republican presidential candidate has never hosted a TV series. I’m pretty sure I don’t want them to have served as a paid pundit for the last few years. I’d rather they hadn’t even written a book, although congressional candidates are starting to write books now as a part of their own campaign, and Wisconsin had a Republican gubernatorial candidate give it a try. (I do wish his campaign would have labeled that a policy statement instead of touting it as a potential best seller.)

No, I’m hoping this country is ready for a nice boring average person who’s done perfectly normal stuff like run a state for the last few years as the next president. Goodness knows our most recent attempt at presidential selection hasn’t gone very well.

Which takes me back to Priebus: What the heck has the man done that makes him think he can orchestrate a presidential win in 2012? That’s the task of the next RNC chair.


  1. I, too, would like to know what this guy can possibly contribute to the national scope that the RNC chair is required to deliver. Does he have great connections? An incredibly winning personality? Do people swarm around him at parties because he is so fascinating and intellectual? I’d like to know more about his attributes.

    As for Newt. Last thing the GOP is a retread candidate. Pulllleeaaase.

  2. Right on!
    I mean really. What has this guy done that would impress national Republicans?
    Did his state lead the nation in volunteer voter contacts on a regular weekly basis, regularly beating out larger states like Ohio, Texas and California?
    Did he attract national attention and funding to the state?
    Did he organize and operate more regional Victory centers in Wisconsin than ever before?
    Did he host the largest Wisconsin political convention in nearly 50 years?
    Did he help the GOP pick up both house of the state legislature, two new Congressional seats, the Governor’s office and elect only the second GOP United States senator from Wisconsin in nearly 50 years?
    Did he hear the tea party attendees and work the phones, the doors, the chicken dinner circuit, talk radio, television and the blogosphere as a solid deliverer of what was at stake and why the GOP agenda should prevail?
    Oh, wait, he did?
    Ok, now I get it.
    My bad.
    What were you saying again?

  3. Well I guess Priebus has at least one fan out there.


  4. I was thinking exactly that, Cindy.

    Fraley, my quick answers to your Reince-Reince,-he’s-our-Man cheer:

    Not much. (I don’t hear anyone much talking about him other than Newt, who is talking to anyone who will listen and to many who tune him out once they glimpse the white shock of immovable hair.)

    Maybe. But what does that prove in convincing voters to turn a national vote against a strongly supportive base (as Obama has)? I assume the voter base turnout was GOP, not Indies. What does contacts mean in context? He sent out emails? What were the actual results of said ‘contacts’– is it provable that contact =votes? A salesperson can make 300 ‘contacts’ in a day, yet not one sale.

    Not sure. Anyone coming here from the national platform had their own personal political agenda. He may have just been being used, or mutually accommodated. Oh, wait. That is politics.

    Whoop-dee-do on the Victory center thing. What are the numbers, and how does that entice anyone who wants someone connected to real money in Washington?

    Really, a big convention in Wisconsin? You can count the entire of the population in Wisconsin and still not come close to the the numbers of dwellers living in and around Detroit. One of the lovely things about Wisconsin is we don\’t have hordes of people living here. Thus, Big in Wisconsin is a Piddle elsewhere, number-wise.

    He did THAT? Oh, I thought that was voter disgust (driving turnout) with Washington and politics as usual.

    Yes. I do believe he did everything you listed in your last point. Especially the chicken dinners, talk radio circuit, and influencing blog-sites that easily absorb the message. Objectively, not the kind of stuff that will beat Obama in a national playpen.

    Even with what we all considered a hotly contested Senatorial election – Big Deal here- it got nada in the news prior and post election. Crumbs. Face it. We are just not all that in DC. Yippee!! That is is something I can cheer about. The less influence we crave from that cesspool, the better off we are.

  5. fyi. I had a bit of a posting problem and some quirky backslashes appeared in the final copy/past/re-post.

  6. I have been actively involved in Wisconsin politics for over 50 years. I publish The Conservative Digest.
    I have worked with every chair of the GOP in the last 50 years.
    Priebus is the best by far.
    Everything Fraley sez is right.
    he connext with the grass roots in direct comparison to the people before him that did not.
    Republicans won becuase Doyle was the worst governor in the last 100 years, he broke the bank tripled our indebtedness. Put us in a huge hole and paid off all of his buddies.
    Next the Tea Party gang rose up from the roots.
    third, the GOP was by far the best organized in recruiting candidates, raising money, putting together Victory centers and on and on and on.

    Bob Dohnal, Publisher
    The Conservative Digest

  7. Dohnal. I can agree that Priebus may be a good, or the best so far, of a Wisconsin political Oz. But are you saying ( after your listing of opportune events that gave anyone leading the locals a significant advantage) that he is the best guy to be of national influence? What are the indicators for that? Your itemization is all local to Wisconsin. Tell me about his bloodline and ties outside of our state. Thanks.

  8. Is he the best to lead the nation. I cannot think of anyone better. he has made numerous contacts during the last years.
    I do not want him to leave the state, so would not want to build him up too much.

  9. That’s all fine and good as your opinion. So far, nothing convinces me he has the chops to go national. Not something I’m too worried about; I think his naming is a flash in the DC political blogosphere pan.

  10. If you take a look here at the leadership and requirements of the role , I’d say there’s nothing that Priebus lacks to prevent him going national. Regardless of the voter angst, the fact that the bluest state in the nation went decidedly red I do believe is at least a function of his local leadership. I think that’s translating very well in many national leaders’ minds.

  11. Except for George H. W. Bush, those are a lot of names I don’t recognize.

    I don’t really care one way or another. Maybe Priebus can just ride a national wave like he did in Wisconsin. Timing in politics is everything.

  12. BDad. After reading the bios of the past finalists and comparing RP’s bio, I’m not seeing a big reason to see him as a compelling draw at the national level. I must be missing something; his world of political/professional experience seems limited and parochial in comparison to the previous candidates who ran. But, who knows, perhaps he can be convincing and sell himself.

  13. The worst thing that you can do is put someone in these spots that has a big ego and wants to run for president.
    The National party is for raising money, organizing the grass roots and recruiting candidates, helping the local states.