The Voting Controversy

Many liberal blogs and some MSM outlets have published outrage at the way the votes were being cast and counted. Those on the right have been accused of abusing the voting process and otherwise taking advantage of the election procedures. Some say there are those circumventing a system that has been used for years with no problems or hic-ups. Still others accuse the voters of being stupid and uninformed–only voting for political purposes and not for the most qualified. They say other candidates were far superior, more talented, and should have been elected. There was discussion the voting procedures themselves should be replaced so this would not happen again. Even the appointed judges were accused of showing partianship as they tendered their decisions.

All of this called for numerous follow-up vote counts by various news organizations
and court tests. The end result was the declared winner was correct.

Some of you really need to get over Florida in 2000.


  1. Whining about voter fraud is a bipartisan effort.

    You should be around here every 2 years when we have to revisit the voter I.D. issue. It’s always a huge issue in years the Democrats do well. This year, hardly a whisper.

    That being said, I agree with you. “Voter fraud” seldom impacts the outcome of an election. It’s simply another issue that’s keyed upon by the media talking heads because it boosts ratings and gets the masses up in arms.

    P.S. I’m not sure how the intelligence level of the voter and/or the talent level of certain elected candidates have any relavance to the voter fraud issue.