The American religion

Don’t you suspect our enemies are laughing at us when they see stuff like this?

I wonder how many people paid cash?


  1. Language warning for the above.

    I really thought about pulling it – it’s just one person going nuts. I didn’t think it was better, just kind of sad.

  2. This is deeply disturbing and utterly sad. What has happened to people? (Speaking of Cindy’s post; haven’t clicked on Zach’s link. Wondering if I want to be even further saddened…) 🙁

  3. I suspect our allies are laughing at us as well.

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    Cindy, I’m not sure who you mean by enemies because our President has talked to those around the world and they love us now. His closing Gitmo alone has calmed many a soul worldwide. Oh, I remember now. You mean those that cause man-made disasters.

  5. My favorite is the lady who runs back to help the man… wait no, she ran back to help her friend hop over him. I hate people some time.