CAT’s out of the bag

The cost of your healthcare won’t be going down anytime soon.

Check out this post by Kevin, M.D.:

The rising use of CT scans, which each cost hundreds of dollars, is a strong driver in rising health costs.

But those dollars pale in comparison to the reassurance of a negative scan, which is priceless in the minds of patients.

Yes, the piece of mind a CT scan can provide for your tummy ache is priceless. In the real world it can cost you big money. At Elmbrook it looks like that could be $4,700. Your stomach might not hurt in a day or so, but your head surely will when the bill shows up. That’s ok, because Elmbrook will scan your sinuses for another $2,100. Then they’ll suggest two aspirin.


  1. Keith Schmitz says:

    Or try a Netti Pot (sic — too lazy to look it up) for $14.95.

  2. I’ve tried. I can’t use it from one side, but I do what I can.

  3. Keith Schmitz says:

    That’s too bad. Know the bane of sinus problems. This has turned out to be a cheap, fast fix, though not something you want to elaborate on in polite conversation.

  4. Or video tape for instruction. 🙂