Ooooh. A commission!

In times of great economic hardship what more could a devoted electorate want than a commission. A Waste, Fraud and Abuse Commission at that!

Walker’s legislative agenda has six major components. First, he intends to establish a Waste, Fraud and Abuse Commission, which will be given the daunting task of eliminating waste in the state budget. Second, he has pledged to balance the state budget-possibly his most arduous task. Third, he has pledged to assist the state legislature with the creation of a small-business tax cut, intended to stimulate economic growth, create jobs, and foster a business-friendly environment in Wisconsin. Fourth, he intends to restructure the Department of Commerce so as to allow the Secretary of Commerce to spend a maximum amount of time on economic revitalization. Fifth, he has pledged to provide tax breaks for those with health savings accounts. Finally, he has pledged to curb malpractice lawsuits against medical professionals. Walker’s ambitious legislative agenda will restore economic prosperity, make Wisconsin a business-friendly state, and restore integrity to Wisconsin’s government.

I will not use the expletive saved for such occasions as I do not want you to think less of me. I will share that perhaps balancing the budget could have possibly been moved from the second position to the first. In fact, in my simple way of thinking, maybe it could have been Scott Walker’s only goal. At that I would have considered him a god.

Wisconsin, I’m getting a vibe that we are so screwed. Maybe it’s just me, but a commission?


  1. Forget the commission. Don’t need it. Sounds like Scott’s got it all taken care of already:

    Eliminate waste, curb malpractice lawsuits and cut tax revenues. What a visionary. I can see the budget deficit melting away right before my very eyes.

  2. Something is melting alright, but I don’t think it’s the deficit. Remember what he did for Milwaukee County? Nearly 2/3 of the entire county budget.

  3. I’m always amazed when bloggers take swipes at their own side. I like it.

  4. Keith Schmitz says:

    Looks like we’re in for the Rosemary’s Baby version of Bob LaFollette.

  5. I’m quite sure Governor-elect Walker knows where I stand on this one. Besides, I said if all he’d do was balance the budget I’d think he’s grand.

  6. one thing at a time. sounds like “waste” commission. people today cannot save or pay their credit card balances. at least some people. how do you curb malpractice lawsuits against medical professionals ? the lawyer that wrote that line does not understand malpractice (negligence), lawsuit (a constitutional right), medical professionals (namely, who——Dr. Nurse, hospital, orderly, janitor, pharmacist, ct scan operator, medical equipment supplier, etc.).