Today’s winner: the ethanol plant

Wisconsin desperately needs to cut spending, but by all means, keep those tax credits rolling! Today’s winner: an ethanol plant. According to the MJS The United Ethanol Grain Producers LLC will pick up $300,000.

Heck, even environmental holy man Al Gore has decided ethanol ain’t what it was cooked up to be. Still, Wisconsin is supposed to be happy to lose those tax dollars. After all, it will create five jobs.

Years ago I remember having a conversation with a Republican state legislator about subsidizing an ethanol plant. That state representative voted to do so indicating in was a way to show voters just how green a Republican politician can be.

If Scott Walker can single-handedly stop the train and renegotiate union contracts prior to being sworn in as governor, why can’t he put that $300,000 back in taxpayer coffers?