Too much Megyn Kelly

The Fox News anchor of America Live must have decided that life’s just too short not to bare most of it for the camera. And so she did. This photo popped up (or maybe one should say popped out) in the last edition of Gentleman’s Quarterly.

Why would an intelligent successful woman strap on so little and flaunt it so widely?

I’m not a great woman’s libber. (I will say the first time I read Betty Friedan’s statement that housework expands to fill the time available, I knew she was on to something.) I’ll easily confess I haven’t had a career. I haven’t worked in years, and I wouldn’t mind playing for the rest of my life. However, I intend to do all of these things with my clothes on when in the public eye. When I see a woman do something like this for publicity, it makes me mad.

I know so many women who have worked so very hard to erase exactly this Enjoli image. Why would Megyn Kelly choose to reinstate it? Can you imagine her kids in five years asking, “Mommy, why do you have your underwear on in that magazine?”

So, once again, I’m not impressed. In fact, it bugs me that most all of Fox newswomen are blonds (natural or otherwise) with legs up to their armpits. You want to watch it? Fine. But as for me, I’m done. I’m quite content looking for information from sources other than Megyn Kelly.


  1. cindy. you are 100% correct

  2. The Lorax says:

    It’s always the women i don’t find attractive…

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    I couldn’t disagree more. Kelly is smart–real smart. Taking nude photos would cross the line for me but one can go to any beach or gym and see more exposed than in this picture of her. For a pregnant woman attorney 40 years of age, I think she looks great and I’m not exactly sure how this type of picture distracts from her anchor duties. One appearing on her show best be prepared–real prepared.
    I predict she will be on in prime time in the not too distant future.

    Here’s another network news anchor:

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    The second link above does not work. Sorry.

  5. I never thought much of her after I saw her ‘breakthrough’ reporting on men who died in a mine accident several years ago. If you remember, there was an initial report that indicated there were multiple survivors, and one death, when in fact there were multiple deaths and one survivor. This bimbo reporter was on camera in a jaunty baseball cap, Barbie-dolled up and actually smiled broadly to the camera and cloyed her way through bad reporting of the entire incident. She was absolutely clueless. Yet, shortly afterward, she was catapulted to a co-host spot on Fox News in the 9 AM slot.

    I think she is very book-smart, and likely brilliant. But she is clueless as to how to manage her image if she wants serious news followership.

    My personal guess is there are issues revolving around transitions in her life. She aughta just read Gail Sheehan’s Passages and get on with life. No need to vamp it up publicly to prove your prowess as a woman or a newscaster.

  6. J. Strupp says:

    It doesn’t surprise me in the least that Megyn Kelly treats her role as “news” anchor like a job as Saturday afternoon sideline reporter for the Big Ten Network. She been a farce ever since she took the gig. Kelly epitomizes everything that’s wrong with 24 hours networks.

    At least we know where guys like Hannity, O’Reilly, Beck and their liberal counterparts on other networks are coming from. They’re opinion guys and openly market themselves as such. That’s fine by me. But Fox openly advertises the time slots before their editorial shows as “news” and Kelly is marketed as a “news” anchor. And THAT’S where the problem comes in. Kelly’s broadcasts are constantly laced with wink-wink insinuating remarks, and blatantly biased interjections that make the idea that she’s a “news” anchor simply ridiculous. You always knew where real news anchors like Brit Hume stood on the political spectrum, but at least Hume was able to pull off an entire broadcast without rolling his eyes and/or making sarcastic remarks. That’s what professionals do and guys like Hume could put there biases aside and ask the tough questions in a professional manner. The idea that Megyn Kelly is in the same profession as guys like Hume is a joke. She’s nothing more than a partisan dressed up to appeal to a certain segment of viewers falsely packaged as a broadcast journalist.

  7. Randy in Richmond says:

    Could you be a little more specific on the mine disaster’s location you refer to. Thanks

  8. today the news is “showtime”

  9. Randy in R. I’ll see if I can source more in it tomorrow (got sidetracked tonight watching a Les Paul special on PBS), OK?

    I believe it was Kentucky. I am thinking it was announced that 10 miners were alive out of eleven. Then, tragically, after the families were rejoicing, they told them it was one survivor. I remember telling my husband to watch the Fox newscaster at the time (Kelly) because I found her on air communication so appalling; she was actually punctuating the awful information with her broad dazzling smile! Someone finally must have told her to knock it off because she subsequently toned it down. Then she landed at the AM Fox news desk shortly after.

    Ill see what I can find in it and post a link if I dig up anything.

  10. Randy in Richmond says:

    There’s only one program close to a newscast on Fox News and that is Special Report with Bret Baier. But this program also features guests from both sides of the aisle and are introduced as such. CNN and MSNBC have no pure newscasts that I know of. The dirty little secret about the three networks and PBS/NPR is not so much what they choose to report on–but what they choose to not report on. None of the figures on any of the cable or networks news channels is unbiased because that is impossible. To make as a starting point the assumption that Kelly or anyone else should be unbiased is an erroneous foundation on which to build any point.

    Using the words bimbo, jaunty, barbie-dolled, cloyed, and vamp leads me to suspect there’s more involved here than how one reports the news. It’s interesting that Kelly is advised to read from an admitted plagiarist and “just get on with her life”. Rather than rely on a plagiarist for guidance I would submit posing for these photos is exactly getting on with her life. Apparently she is strong enough within herself as a person to make choices that other women disapprove of. Fortunately there is that little remote control that allows for quiet dissent concerning anyone on TV. And since her reporting has been challenged it should be noted the election night coverage she co-hosted not only won the cable ratings by far, but also beat the three major networks. Pretty good for a partisan, pregnant bimbo.

  11. Well, in my mind bimbo beats pregnant or partisan. She can be as confident as she likes. I get to stand on my soapbox and tell her to shove it for making it so hard for the rest of us.

    Let’s put it this way: if she’s so darn clever, why does she have to flaunt her ta-tas to make guys like her?

  12. “….if she’s so darn clever, why does she have to flaunt her ta-tas to make guys like her?”

    Exactly. But my guess is that this whole thing is less about her and more about being a good “company woman” for Fox. Ratings above all else you know.

    “There’s only one program close to a newscast on Fox News and that is Special Report with Bret Baier.”

    That is not the position of Fox News. All programming, with the exception of the obvious editorial time slots, are considered “news”.

  13. Randy in Richmond says:

    I’ve beaten her drum since she covered the Duke lacross fiasco. She nailed that story while most others were still taking up for the prosecutor. And it was the Duke story that vaulted her to co-host with Bill Hemmer.

  14. RiR: This it the link I found.
    Could not find anything on Kelly’s reporting during that time.

    That aside, I am most intrigued by your protective attitude toward Ms. Kelly. Which of ‘bimbo, jaunty, barbie-dolled, cloyed, and vamp’ do you dispute in describing her? If you watch a few of her youtube videos, I think you will find they are apt descriptors. I do use my remote, and rarely watch her, despite my earlier assertion that she may likely be ‘brilliant’. As for her superb election coverage results. You attribute that solely to her, and not the network she is seen on?

    Given that I haven’t followed Sheehan’s career, I wasn’t endorsing plagiarism but the predictable human condition of aging. And encouragement for Ms. Kelly to age gracefully. I didn’t realize she was 40, but that only endorses my instinct that she is in need of a mite bit of introspection.

    No wish to armchair analyze the woman, but I contend participating in this type of a bimbo-inferring layout, situated in a jaunty pose, with barbie-dolled styled hair, employing a cloyed come-hither glance, and approving such a vampish photo shot at her age, is not a marketing method to increase one’s credibility as a respected news source. How does one explain such imagery to a young son or daughter?

    And, R in R. Not to be argumentative, just curious. Have you experienced a male cohort/peer employing sexual innuendo and prowess to further his career? Have you used your own sex appeal or extreme handsomeness or glorious physique to move up the corporate ladder (or whatever mechanism of achievement in your field)?

    She has her fans, and I say great for her. But, please no pretense of true journalistic standards.

    Welcome to the era of ta-ta journalism.

  15. the days of edward r. murrow, walter concrite, wm buckley, huntley and brinkley are long gone because as i said “it’s showtime”. my wife just called me from NY and said the Rocketts were great at a full house. and so the average people still want good entertainment with no pretenses, and talent.

  16. You are right its horrible. This one is way classier:

  17. Dan H. WhaddaLink. Good grief. OK you defenders of Ms. Kelly, I challenge you to situate yourself in a duplicate pose, 6 1/2″ spiked red glitter heels and all, and write a self-respecting rebuttal on her newsworthy Attributes.

    Having directed photoshoots in a minor fashion, I am beginning to be quite entertained by my imaginary experience as a fly on the studio wall during this photoshoot. ‘What was the art direction for this?’ I keep thinking. πŸ™‚

  18. Randy in Richmond says:

    I said Kelly co-hosted the election night coverage–which is what she did.

    You say you have “no wish to armchair analyze the woman”, after writing paragraphs doing just that. Repeating the air-head descriptions does not change the fact that they have nothing to do with her on air TV position. If you see it that way, change the channel. And if you allow your children to read GQ, that’s your prerogative. I’m not sure how there’s a connection to the photographs in GQ, the subject of this post, and Kelly’s career other than the conversation here. If it is as bad as you say than her viewership will dry up and she will be replaced. Let’s just wait and see if that happens.

    And now that we are describing a “come hither glance ” and framing it as “at her age” I must say this discussion is about far more than Megyn Kelly–and more about subjective opinion than real issues.

  19. I think Dan H. might have been invoking a wee bit a sarcasm. At least I surely hope so!

  20. Randy, Randy, Randy. You could have put Barbara Bush in either of those positions and I’d be complaining. The whole situation lacks class and smacks of – well – prostitution ala Miley Cyrus. It was a celebrity gimmick and lands Megyn Kelly in that category as opposed to a news anchor.

  21. Randy in Richmond says:

    I doubt Barbara Bush photos would evoke the descriptive statement ” bimbo-inferring layout, situated in a jaunty pose, with barbie-dolled styled hair, employing a cloyed come-hither glance, and approving such a vampish photo shot at her age. Well, maybe the ‘at her age’.

    And speaking of a age, how old is Miley Cyrus ? We’re talking apples and oranges to make this comparison.

    No need for a rebuttal. Since you apparently look at or read GQ for news, your opinions are right on.

  22. I’m sure Mrs. Bush could pull it off if she tried. πŸ™‚

  23. Randy in Richmond says:

    Well, after this stimulating conversation–off to church. πŸ™‚

  24. RIR. Hope church was peaceful. πŸ™‚

    I wasn’t aware I was in a direct debate contest with you and in need of a rebuttal. Just thought I could have an amateur opinion on motivations of a public figure…uhm, much like you do with other notables, I’m sure.

    I’m not sure what triggered such an massive defense on your part of Ms. Kelly, but I’m willing concede you have the right to think she is a gifted journalist, anchor, newswoman, commentator, pundit, whatever. I get to think what I think.

    Just to address your personal jabs (and then, please, let this be done).

    First. You are the one that brought up her age. Not sure what your subliminal point is on that. My point is turning 40 is usually significant, regardless of gender. Either one gets that, or has taken the path of denial of getting it.

    Secondly, my armchair analysis, was flippant. If you would happen to personally know me, you might understand that one quickly written, run-on sentence regarding a public figure was meant for a bit of jab at a persona I don’t think deserves my respect. I have found though, that I typically am spot on with my intuition of the character of others when I can meet/observe them in person. I guess I’ll have to wait to meet Ms. Kelly to put forth my final take on her. Sorry I so offended you on that count.

    Uhm. Haven’t ever gotten my news from GQ, never have picked up the mag, or browsed the website. Frequent FC much more often. πŸ™‚ You are missing the point about electronic media being an eternally sustainable information source. Give the kids a few years. They will have learned all about what Mommy has been up to, unfortunately for them.

    Cindy, I agree with your assessment. This is the image that came to my mind (although I did have to go to the GQ website to find it, uhhgg) when I first saw your MK post.

    And, I think J. Strupp mentioned it was part of the Fox gimmickry and that she went along with the marketing of this like a good network gal. If that sell-out was part of the deal, I may actually go off to find a few more fitting descriptors for her.

    D.Steinberg mentioned the Rockettes. I actually saw the stunning ladies making Christmas ornaments with Martha a while back, and yup, Mr. S., you nailed that. The Rockettes were entertaining off line as well as pure entertainment on stage. I do see a blend of entertainment + news in most ‘news’ platforms. It is what it is, I guess. I have vague memories of Walter Cronkite newscasts. He’s starting to seem sexy to me about now.

    Dan H. your link made me laugh. I challenge you to dress like that, spiked red-glitter heels and all – – and situate yourself in that pose- – and send back a self-respecting response to criticism you receive the from national exposure to said pose.

  25. What she is wearing isn’t all that scandalous, they wore things like that in the 1930’s. I didn’t even think it was underwear but just a dress. I’m confused, if you are smart and attractive, are you suppose to downplay the fact that your attractive so other people’s feelings won’t get hurt? Yes, she is a journalist, which some would disagree according to the comments, but she is also many other things. She is clearly branding herself to further her income and I think it is tasteful enough in a society where we idol worship filth like Kim Kardashian and Lawrence Fishburn’s daughter. Honestly if their kid saw there mother in that and can’t deal with it, they frankly arn’t ready to deal with all the other things life is going to throw at them in this age of social media.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t gotten to the point where I idolize Kim Kardashian. Don’t think I’ll ever fall that low. But, hey, you can revere anyone you choose. That includes Megyn in her underwear.

  27. Dang, that’s scary. It sounds like I could have written that comment.

    It did make my morning to hear that I was smart and attractive, though. I thank you Ken for the gladness that comment produced.