House Democrats hold Obama’s tax deal hostage

I love politics. I do, I do.

From USA Today via my Google News feed:

House Democrats have passed a resolution saying they’ll reject President Obama’s tax deal with Republicans.

No unemployment extensions. Higher taxes for all tax brackets. They’ve gone and done it all.

Of course this will be changing, but that’s where it stands now.


  1. Edan Aharony says:

    Obama isn’t stupid. He’s looking at the disaster that took place a month ago and already he’s looking ahead to what’s going to happen in 2 years. He knows that, unless a resurgence in the economy and unemployment will take place, he’s going to be a 1 term president. No president ever won a second term with unemployment above 8%. Edan Aharony. To kick start the economy the fastest way possible, so he can start whipping the results in 2 years, means 1 thing; another stimulus. He knows that a hostile congress will never pass another stimulus so he agreed to this so called “tax cuts” but in reality they are another mean of injecting cash into the economy. The question remains; how does he intend to pay for two wars, ambitious social reforms and ever increasing debt. We are borrowing more than we bring in. It’s becoming harder and harder finding lenders and if we keep at that rate our interest rate is going to increase making it even harder to pay back our loans.

  2. There is no evidence to suggest that it’s becoming harder to find lenders.

    There is no evidence that interest rates are going to substantially increase.

    Just saying.