Wisconsin: Say Hello! to right to work

I was told to expect two things out of our newly minted R/R/R leadership: right to work and tort reform.

It looks like right to work has hit the papers. Wikipedia (I know, everyone’s favorite source, but it’s probably close enough for this discussion) has 22 states with right to work laws. Some of those states have managed this last economic downturn very well.

There really won’t be any surprise to Wisconsin joining the group. I do think that was a large part of last November’s election.

As to tort reform, bring it on. I’m hoping to slide a little slapp suit protection in on that one.


  1. may i repeat that most non/lawyers don’t understand what a “tort” is and what the legal principles of negligence are. that is never going to change (many state laws differ). the large malpractice verdicts are determined by insurance companies who voluntarily make a settlement or by juries who decide the results. medical professionals will never be immune from the consequences of their negligence, nor will lawyers and automobile drivers. those mentioned pay insurance premiums for financial protection.BTW in order to prove that a medical professional is negligent you must have another medical professional testify to that.

  2. The Lorax says:

    Some have. Some haven’t. I wouldn’t draw a conclusion from that fact.