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Do you have your ticket yet?

Silly me, I was waiting for an invitation. I mean, isn’t that the way a party is usually thrown? But it appears for $50 a person, you, too, can hang with the Gov and his gang for the evening. It seems surprisingly egalitarian to me.

Walker has taken some push-back for deciding to keep the funds. Of the totals received for the inaugural festivities, 25% will go to the Walker campaign and the remainder will land in the Wisconsin GOP coffers. (See the footer at the bottom of the page.) Doyle, in contrast, donated the extra to the Girls and Boys Clubs according to that first link.

Hello Wisconsin. Scott Walker’s affection for those who donate is well known. No sense getting into a fuss about it now. And yes, Doyle did the same thing in rewarding those who shared their wealth with him.

They all do it. It’s disgusting. So I guess it won’t surprise anyone if I keep my celebratory activities to a minimum. Oh, sure, we’ll be told of great big changes coming our way, but sooner or later, someone’s going to actually have to do something.


  1. I didn’t get one either.

  2. Maybe we should go together! 😉

  3. If you go to the Milwaukee event the day before, you can cough up $500 for that ham and cheese sandwich, served in a brown bag.

    But keep the bag, you may need it after hearing his bs spewing.

  4. My girlfriend called to say she got an invitation. I haven’t checked the mail for a while. Maybe mine is waiting…