The Ominous Omnibus

That’s the tag being assigned to a last minute spending bill pushing through the Senate. Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn has popped up a database that lets you search the contents. You’ll have to download it to your own machine to get to the details.

From a quick search I did, there’s more than $83 million headed to Wisconsin if this thing passes. And so I ask, with honest sincerity, if Governor-elect Scott Walker stopped the train, why wouldn’t he stop this money from coming, too? I’d have to think in almost every case the federal money coming Wisconsin’s way is going to have to be supported by local tax dollars eventually.

Here’s what I found – click to download 5 pages in PDF format.

FY11 Omnibus Earmark Database – Wisconsin


  1. It’s small potatoes, but one of the items is $200K toward a Public Market in Madison. The market was going to be part of a rebuilt car park serving–you guessed it–Madison’s rail station. Business model for both the car park and the market will have to be re-evaluated in light of recent developments.

    Meanwhile, $1M to an airport in New Richmond, for the general aviation needs of Twin Cities exurbanites. Don’t bother building rail infrastructure boondogles when you can hop on your Cessna. You’ve got one, right?

  2. I saw the airport, too, and the same thing crossed my mind.

    Now that I’m home from my morning errands I’m going to look through it all more closely. It’s still hard to believe that in this day and age when everyone knows why they are so annoyed with their government that a list like this is about to be voted. Wow.