Gosh Congressman Sensenbrenner

How much is that going to cost taxpayers?

H/T: Badger Blogger


  1. Look at the long term. The sooner the global warming scare goes the way of the heterosexual AIDS in America scare, the cheaper it is for all of us, because we are not paying as much for grants for alternative energy that will never be a serious alternative and (God forbid) a cap and trade type scheme.

  2. I don’t get the comparison to “the heterosexual AIDS in America scare”. Only gay people get AIDS now? Good news, I’ll tell my colleagues at work.

  3. In the 80s, there was a HUGE scare that heterosexual AIDS would become an epidemic in America. The left promoted these fears. http://fumento.com/aids/comment.html

    Of course, the left was wrong…. but being on the left means you don’t say “I’m sorry”. Rather, you just run along and start promoting the next scare that suits your agenda… and so, we wind up with “An Inconvinient Truth” and the like.

    I’m not a climatologist, so perhaps I will be wrong, but my gut says in 10-20 years, the people who are predicting climate catastrophe will look just as foolish as those who predicted an epidemic of heterosexual AIDS in America look today.

  4. you are missing the point. this congressman has gone over the top on free travel with little to show for it. no question about his record as an ultra conservatist.

  5. How do you measure how much JS has to show for his efforts? Public opinions towards global warming have turned more skeptical in the last year or 2. Did Sensenbrenner play any significant role in this? Not sure. But the more voices of reason out there in the face of all the GW hysteria, the better.

  6. There’s no proof Sensenbrenner has had any input. I think he’s had significant dinner engagements, though.