Jessica McBride Bucher is insulted.

Imagine that. She’s defending state benefits in her recent article because, well, she receives them.

Last week’s vote to hold up state worker contracts left one man on the unloved list. He also picked up some interesting descriptive names. I certainly know how that goes. Think for yourself and you’re either a whore or bipolar. Last week it was Democrats pointing fingers, but both sides do it.

While I agree with McBride that name calling doesn’t help at all (She is quick to call people names if it’s to her advantage, i.e., she sure used one on me) I sincerely disagree with her whining that darn it, state employees make trade offs.

Also, private worker benefits might be worse, but public worker salaries are worse. Studies demonstrate this. It’s a trade-off. It was the deal. When I left the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for UWM, I took a roughly $15,000 pay cut to do so. But I realized that I’d have better benefits. It was part of the calculation.

Add all that up. Spectacular insurance coverage; a pension in a world where one rarely exists – I’d have to see the details before I’d buy into that. Plus, on the Brookfield council I sat through discussion after discussion on how our professional employees needed to be salaried at parity with their commercial brethren. They never even blinked when they argued they were making a little less than their counterparts but they deserved to be paid evenly. Of course, they never argued their peers actually paid to go to the doctor at the time.

Columnists aren’t anything more than bloggers with a printed medium. It’s all opinion. In this case, let’s give the poor little girl an audible sigh and get back to the reality that it’s time to do something about government employee benefits in the state of Wisconsin.

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  1. I don’t like Jessica McBride.

    She has a big mouth and lacks credibility.

    There’s a reason why WTMJ fired her. There’s a reason why MJS won’t employ her.

    And to be honest – just because you moderate a college class or two doesn’t make you an authority either.

    Her own professional peer group rejects her as credible.

    And we didn’t even talk about her weak personal character history.

  2. Wilson828, that is what I love about you – no sugar coating how you feel 🙂

  3. I was thinking the same thing.

    Where have you been, anyway, Wilson828?

  4. It’s nice to be loved and missed. (grin)

    Happy Holidays you two.

    Wishing you and your families good health and prosperity in the coming year.

  5. A very Blessed and Merry Christmas to you and yours, too! And, many wishes for good health and prosperity in 2011. Continue to find the joy in every day!

  6. You too, Pat.