Merry Christmas, Scott Walker

There’s not a single cabinet member announced, and investigators continue to explore the possibility of improper campaigning according to Daniel Bice.

No one said being governor was going to come easily.


  1. (refraining – it’s the holidays – but looking forward to rubbing everyone’s face into it, who voted for this boob)

  2. while in journalism school we were taught to avoid yellow journalism. the one exception was that uncontradicted facts are accepted as being true. that being said, this is the first public offical in my memory that has taken overt actions on important issues before being sworn into office. some says it is “guts”; others say it is “nuts”.

  3. Guts vs. nuts. Sums it up nicely. It’s a tough spot to manage.

    I do think Walker has to potential to be a great governor. The problem is he’s not been a great personnel manager. He’s really put some sloppy people around him, and I think it’s going to cost him.

    No one’s perfect, but he’s at a level he can hire someone to fill that gap. He should let someone else do the vetting and stop the trail of embarrassing employee moments. (Or change the person who has been vetting if Walker’s not been involved!)

  4. Love it, Wilson!

    There is a lot of unrealized potential out there and if it’s not channeled properly I don’t think it means much. In my humble opinion, Scotty’s problem is that he can’t leave some of his buddies out of the equation even to the detriment of himself. Time will tell how this will affect him. Hence, it’s what you stated Cindy. He’s at a different level now but really can’t seem to let go of the old one.