Scott Walker, unemployed

Maybe he can spend the next week working on his new cabinet. Isn’t is just a little spooky we have no idea what we’re in for in his selection?

I had thought I’d heard Representative Jeff Stone might be slotted into the Secretary of Transportation seat, but it looks like Stone is filing to run to fill Walker’s empty Milwaukee County Executive chair. (I could be completely wrong about the cabinet post. My mind hasn’t exactly been on politics lately.)

Also, wouldn’t it make sense that John Hiller would be rewarded? He’s currently the co-chair of the transition team and was the campaign’s treasurer. The only thing is… he’s also been talked about as the Wisconsin GOP leader should Reince Preibus move to the main tent.

I am curious. It’s no secret I think Walker should up his game when it comes to picking personnel. All those campaign antics of the past need to remain the past. I’ll be really disappointed if hucksters are rewarded with a leather chair in Madison. I don’t care how loyal they are – when they mess on the carpet like Jill worst-person-in-the-world Bader and Michael 58-point-font Brickman (can you believe Walker still has that thing up on the Web?) they need to be left in the dog pen.

Of course, that’s just one girl’s opinion.

So, if you hear anything, share. Give me a link to what you are reading. Spread some tell-all juicy gossip. Surely the man has a plan. Right?


  1. I’ve heard he’s been stuck since two of his top choices, Darlene Wink and Tim Russell, appear to be a bit preoccupied, as is most of his staff (county/campaign – is there a difference anymore?).

  2. To be honest, I’m surprised Walker has waited this long to announce his cabinet choices. We’re a week away from his inauguration; when’s he going to announce his team?

  3. Perhaps it is taking so long because he is what he is. Indecisive and flip-flopping between his choices. My understanding that has happened in at least one instance. On the other hand, vetting is required, perhaps he is just being thorough?

  4. Actually, WisPolitics reported that he’s had a number of people turn him down. His reputation as a poor leader is apparently preceding him.