The hate continues

Good grief. Like I’ve said several times before, think for yourself around here and you’ll get labeled. This week Kevin Binversie is going all gaga over the fact that I didn’t love Gov-elect Scott Walker all the way through the primary:

2: No liberal blogger in Wisconsin will predict Scott Walker will win the Governor’s Mansion, while no conservative blogger in Wisconsin will predict Tom Barrett will win the Governor’s Mansion.

Was dead on about the liberal bloggers, as for conservative bloggers…my habit of never reading her blog, along with not knowing her pathological hatred of Scott Walker made me completely forget that Cindy Kilkenny was out there.

As for Cindy’s standing as a “conservative blogger,” well…that is open to debate among the remnants of the BBA and has been for years.


You caught all that, right? He’s not wrong, he’s half correct. (Maybe it’s a guy thing?) And he never reads my blog but he knows I’m no Walker fan club member. (Ok, yes, I’m laughing. What is it with this kind of human being?)

I do want to make sure everyone understands there’s no “pathelogical hatred of Scott Walker.” There is a very strong conviction Scott Walker was not the better conservative choice for the Republican primary. I still voted Republican in the general election which means I voted for Walker, just like I said I would. Heck it was Owen Robinson from Boots and Sabers that tripped to the Dark Side and threatened to vote for Barrett. No mention of that in Binversie’s reasoning.

They won’t grow up, or grow out of it. It makes me incredibly sad to know that Binversie really, truly thinks he’s the better man for pumping out such blather. It’s wannabees like Binversie that keep me from trying to fit into Wisconsin’s self-labeled conservative crowd. Would you really want to put this guy on your list of friends?

As I have explained repeatedly, I look forward to Scott Walker proving me wrong. Any day now. Just as soon as he’d like.


  1. He makes it sound like you’re past due on your “conservative blogger” dues.

    And you can always bet that the people who start their criticism with, “I never read her blog….” do, in fact, read your blog.

  2. Uhuh.

    Shoot. And I was thinking of starting a fan club. 😉

  3. It was the screaming twenty-something staffers that makes him act like the tool he is:

    Or maybe the reason for his tripe is you don’t pay proper respect to his cartoon heroes.

  4. Cindy, how dare you have an opinion that differs from the Republican Party line!

  5. i read this kevin guy saying his hope is to go to law school in a few years—-when he saves enough money to join an exclusive club i never heard of. 1. need a college degree from an accredited university. 2. need to be accepted into a law school . 3. need to have enough money to live on besides tuition, books, etc. 4. need to have a serious approach to study the law as the law and not as a political campaign. 4. need to pass lots of tests and get good grades. 5. need to finish 3 tough years and get a LLB degree 6. need to be hired with a good salary, long hours and little credit for your future ambitions. 7. need to make LAW your master. 8. need to start while reasonably young. 9. need to love thy neighbor 10. need to get out of Dodge.