WisDems and WisGOP square off over a bumper sticker

Dang it’s embarrassing to live in Wisconsin sometimes. First we have the news that Milwaukee is the #1 drunk spot in all of America, and then we fight over stuff like this:

I wish I were kidding. From JSOnline:

Rep. Robin Vos (R-Racine) said the red marks imply blood. He said the sticker is indecent and Democrats should stop offering it.

Maybe it’s our ridiculous politics that makes us drink.


  1. This is the altered new version of the sticker. The original had the train going into Scott Walker’s head.
    If that makes any difference to you…

  2. It does. Glad we’re becoming more civilized.

    Any pics of the original?

  3. Peter has the original.


    Not exactly the same thing.

  4. Well there you go. Forget real debate, let’s talk bumper stickers instead.

  5. Why the snark Cindy? I simply provided a link that would show the original bumper sticker especially since MKEmxp mentioned it.

    For the record there were multiple referenda in the November election dealing with trains and train funding, they all went down to defeat in the 80% range.

    So what’s the question? Did the WisconsiN Dem party do something in bad taste? Yes. What else is new?

  6. Which is far more attention than you would normally provide.

    The question remains: Why are we continually doomed to more of the same from Wisconsin’s political class?

    The train has nothing to do with my observations. The fact remains real discussion gets swept aside so two sides can fight over a sticky piece of paper.

  7. Walker et al better get thicker skin. He’s just a bigger target now. Not worth the attention, just get on with governing and stop the playground sand kicking.

  8. True. He’s in the big-time now. Hope the supporting crowd can concentrate long enough to get something done.

  9. Pres. Lincoln was displayed much worse in the press as it was then. Both political parties rely on the 1st amendment, and well they should, to justify freedom of speech, of course, with the support of the US Supreme Court. as leo durocher, former brooklyn dodger player/manager said: “nice guys don’t win” (or do they).

  10. Randy in Richmond says:

    I’ve always heard Durocher was noted for saying “nice guys finish last.” As a young boy I loved his baseball game TV analysis.

  11. randy. thanx for the correction, but i heard him say both. not a big deal. after more thought lets take yours. cindy opens up a very serious topic in the new brand of politics. negative campaigning for lack of better words. demean your opponent to sanctify yourself.

  12. Bad link posted, FYI. Link to nowhere.