Gun fired outside Mayfair Mall


And gasp! The paper has allowed 156 comments to stay!


  1. Mayfair Mall is a gem to shop, to eat, to go to movies and to hang around even for the old folks. the story line is a bit confusing about the robbery, the gunshot, the facebook, the planned event and the truth. this is the premier commercial site in wauwatosa and yet the police dept does very little to protect it. to rely on civilian law enforcement is a misnomer. these things do happen and just as quick do go away. of course, there is no excuse but the least we can expect is for the real law enforcement to protect the good citizens who go there. i go there a lot and enjoy it. the city of wauwatosa and the adjoining communities, like brookfield and elm grove. can and should help. in florida the police are there to be seen. so what a few bucks for peace.

  2. I completely disagree with Judge Steinberg’s suggestion that Brookfield should “aid” Wauwatosa in policing Mayfair (at least that’s the message I got from his post.) Wauwatosa has seen fit to locate a bunch of big box stores on our border at 124th/Capitol and there is a lot of crime in that area as a result (having a bus from the inner city terminate there doesn’t help either.)