Lefties: How will you measure success?

A particular enjoyment of mine right now is watching certain players on the left groan often and loudly about the imminent demise of all civility in the state of Wisconsin. There’s enough of it going on out there that it becomes farce instead of genuine concern. (A common phrase you might hear right now is “watching lefties heads explode.”) But then I started thinking: How will the left be measuring these actions? At what point will they be forced to concede success?

Then I had to admit I didn’t actually have a yardstick for the changes coming, either. So I’m going to think a bit aloud, which is decidedly dangerous given I haven’t finished my first cup of coffee. This probably needs to be accomplished on a national list as well, but I have my limits before noon. 😉

Success. Well, for one thing, I’d consider even slowing the flow of taxes from my account to the government’s a good thing. From good to best, if we could get a year in Wisconsin that 1) didn’t increase my taxes as much as the previous rate; 2) didn’t increase my taxes; then 3) decreased my taxes. That would be great. I’ve always said it’s about my wallet first. (Hey, at least I’m honest!) Now if all that were done with real effort and not the robbing Peter to pay Paul effort that typically shows up in government, that would be wonderful as well. And, while many go off that a fee is just another tax, I’ll confess a fee that I don’t pay that also results in lowering my taxes is fine with me. As an example, I’m not a sportswoman, so increasing any fee associated with hunting or fishing isn’t going to send me wailing.

That kind of thinking helps move us to the bottom line when preparing our measuring device. A change in government as significant as the one Wisconsin just experienced will create different winners and different losers. I voted the way I did so that I, and those like me, will be in the winner category. That means that while the left will be decrying the pain over having to make a standard co-payment when visiting the doctor with their government health benefits or denouncing the wisdom of slowing the fine retirement pensions offered government employees, I’m likely to have the privilege of giggling all the way to the bank.

That’s just the way our political system has evolved. I don’t mind at all taking the spoils of victory and buying a new flat-screen television. The bottom line remains what I call success the other side might rightly call failure as it affects their wallets.

All of this makes me realize how I’ll measure a lack of leadership success, too. If we as a state have to put up with all this hate and hostility for nothing, I’ll be ticked. Now that the government is in special session, I need results. Not magic, I can live without smoke and mirrors thank you very much, but I need results, and the promise those changes mean to my bank account. I’m betting I’m not alone given there was a majority to comprise the last election.

Good luck out there. Don’t forget you’re being measured. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help. Right now I’m figuring it’s your turn, my elected representatives, since I did cast my vote a couple of months ago.


  1. But you pay less under Obama, and I don\’t recall your proclamation of success there!

  2. Do I? Obama was elected in November 2008, so 2008 taxes aren’t his problem. I paid more in 2009 than 2008, but the rate was exactly the same. I have taxes figured for 2009, but not 2010, so I really don’t know yet. If my tax rate has gone down between 2009 and 2010, I’ll let you know.

    PS – I declared up front this was a Wisconsin discussion.

  3. jimspice might be talking about your $400 stimulus rebate???

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    Maybe Cindy was taking into consideration her charge accounts. Under Obama everyone’s balance of what has been spent, but not paid for, has gone up considerably. Under Obama and the completely controlled Democratic Congress our debt has increased $4.8 billion a day. Before you look it up it was $1.7 billion a day under the previous administration.


    I know you said this was a Wisconsin discussion Cindy but I differ with jimspice in calling these spending increases a success while the unemployment rate was rising about 2%. I will admit success is a relative term.


  5. J. Strupp says:

    “Under Obama and the completely controlled Democratic Congress our debt has increased $4.8 billion a day.”

    Which is rather normal following a financial and asset price collapse. A guy with a stronger backbone like Roosevelt would have made it bigger. The government should offset the collapse in private demand with demand of it’s own. This used to be pretty basic stuff. If you don’t live in the world of team politics it is.

    Obama just didn’t do enough. Now it appears he’s on your side so I guess we’re going to cut spending AND revenues so expect 8%+ unemployment and relatively high deficits for the forseeable future. Interesting re-election strategy I’d say.

  6. my,my. during my so so sports career a left-handed player (pitcher, QB. shooter) was called “lefty”. of political interst most americans are moderates, such as I, and have no nickname except AMERICAN. the silent majority stands of that.

  7. one of the first signs of respect is how you address another person. we used to say mr. mrs. sir. madam, or the title of distinction of that person, president, senator, mayor, etc. even the DC crowd still adhers to that protocal. lets start with the president. it is the highest title a person can have and deserves that much respect. same with professor, teacher, lawyer, physician and candle maker. the use of an adults first name by others, expecially much younger, is much too personal to safisfy Emily Post. some say it masks your last name identity, is easier to pronounce, is cool and friendly. i find it none of that. you may not like certain public officials but, damn it, they are part of our democracy. we have open lines of communication, like Cindy who is well informed so use it with discretion. god bless.