Politicizing the AZ shootings

And there they go, slogans and logos and t-shirts included:

It’s too bad the Arizona legislature didn’t outlaw campaigning on the backs of the dead in addition to protests.

I’m disgusted. He’s going to babble soon. I think I’ll go shopping.

UPDATE – A girlfriend reminded me of this:

So is this Obama’s Oklahoma City? Remember, you never want a serious crisis to go to waste.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    The US Senates’ Sgt. at Arms,Terrance W. Gainer, made this statement yesterday:

    If there was a better health system, the shooter would not have been in that parking lot.

    This is politicizing the murder and wounding of American citizens at its’ very worst. There is so much I want to comment on concerning this idiotic rheteric — but I think it best just to provide it for your perusal.


  2. Reminds me of the Wellstone memorial.

  3. americans love their heroes. davey crockett, teddy roosevelt, gen. u.s. grant, jimmy doolittle, buffalo bill cody, paul revere, annie oakley, sgt. york, dwight

    eisenhower, john kennedy, geo. hw bush and the list goes on. some, like lou gehrig, are quiet heroes. others are more vocal. but they all are part of America. some heroes like jim thorpe, gen. billy mitchell and yes abraham lincoln were not recognized as such in their own time. we do expect the US President to perform the traditional american duties with dignity and all have done that. we must not forget mans inhumanity to man such as the indian nation, the japanese americans and the division of color and religious belief. we still have a merit system for advancement in life and absence of government barriers to achieve our goals . i remember the day that the milw. police were called and came with sirens to break up a bund meeting at our next door neighbors house. per the first amendment it was called a noise violation. i was just a kid. some of my german/american friends died in WWII while fighting for the USA. (bund meetings were quite common in milw. and were pro-nazi). they were also non-violent. if we can survive that then this is a breeze.