Nope. No politics here.

Tammy Bruce absolutely nails why I didn’t bother to watch the mockery of the presidential gathering last night.

Well, the Tucson Tragedy Memorial Obama Rally was, we’re told, really supposed to be a Pep “Unity” Rally, so they meant all that cheering and campaign-like atmosphere. Except for Governor Jan Brewer who was booed by the Unified, Peppy crowd.

Personally, I think Obama is escalating the rhetoric in a running start towards his re-election campaign. It’s going to be as long a two year stretch as we’ve ever felt in this country.

Unemployment numbers were unexpectedly higher this morning. There’s a near consensus that housing will see a second slump as adjustable mortgages reset this year. It’s very tempting to go stick my head back under the magic covers.

So, are you all up for another two years of angst and unpleasantness?


  1. I could not agree more Cindy.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    I attended the memorial service at Virginia Tech after the shootings there. That community was in shock. President Bush was there and spoke somberly for less than 10 minutes. It was dignified and respectful. It was appropriate.

    I agree with Fred. Last night was the Wellstone Memorial II. It exibited the difference between leadership and campaigning. If the sound to last night’s event were muted and then the picture reviewed, one would assume they were at an Obama political rally. Really, a pep rally after the horrific death of 6 Americans. Symbolism over substance rules again.

  3. I’ll cut a little slack on the pep rally atmosphere as the audience was primarily up of ( socially, cluelessly inept) students, I understand. Although POTUS and staff could have nixed that and made it community focus and more appropriate in tone. The guy just has an obvious thirst for adulation.

    But, hey, that is the case for all politicians.

    I did appreciate the specific commentary about the individuals.

    I think the people who are attracted to attend this type of event when they have no personal connection to the victims or deceased, are to be pitied. Mourning is most curatively done in private, with family members ( and not TV cameras), should (I think) include spiritual sustenance and rarely erupts into outright cheering. While sweet smiles of rememberance seems appropriate, Thriving, cheering and manufactured emotions disheartened me.

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    No, this is not the case for all politicians. As I said I attended the memorial service at Virginia Tech and President Bush spoke with a quiet dignity. He spoke for about 6 minutes. The place was full of mostly students.

    You Obama defenders just don’t get it. The man is in constant campaign mode. He provides little to no leadership. Being a good or great speaker mens zero when it comes to real leadership beyond the podium. I was ashamed at what I saw last night. Maybe I’m a group of one but that’s how I see it.

    If you have listened to the links Cindy provided to Mark Penn and Rahm Emanuel , top advisors to this President, you then know what his mission was last night. Have you not looked at the political paraphanalia that Cindy also linked to ? This was supposed to be about 6 Americans dead at the hands of a deranged individual. And if you don’t believe me about President Bush’s remarks, the link is below, along with another link to President Clinton’s remarks (9 minutes) at Oklahoma City. This has nothing to do with what was said, but the manner and tone used to convey it. Bush and Clinton each exhibited dignity and leadership. Obama looked like a politician.

  5. correct me but i think that the UA made all the arrangements and invited the speakers as guests. the setting was theirs as one might have it. i have no infor about the t shirts but college students are sometimes aggressive and anxious to get into the flow. better that than denial. the UA president was in charge of the program and responsible for the agenda. some of it was rather imprompto but there was no negative outrage. let us not forget that the president is the titular head of his political party and, politics aside, has certain non-partisan duties to fufill. our history applaudes this. the military is a great example of americans for america. in life there are sometimes things that happen which need no explanation.