Politifact deserves to be schooled

They do a miserable job today of arguing for 4K.

First they say:

The studies are from 2006, which is not all that recent. And both are from groups that come at issues from a particular point of view, not independent academic researchers.

and then they say:

We turned to several national experts, including Steve Barnett, director of the National Institute for Early Education Research, based at Rutgers University.

That’s right. All of the proof they offer is from basically one source, that, oh, by the way, wouldn’t exist except for early childhood education.

What is not at all in the discussion the paper pretends to have is the difference in early childhood intervention for at-risk groups of youth versus early childhood education for well-educated suburbs, like, say, Brookfield.

Every once in a while Politifact offers something new for consideration on a topic. This time, sadly, the paper’s agenda trumpeted through quite loudly.

A 2006 study doesn’t count? Good grief. Did you notice the dates on the pro-4k study? Uh-huh. I didn’t find any either.

We rate Politifact irrelevant to real discussion on this issue.