So what is Scott Walker up to?

He tweets all the time.

He has a new website with a bunch of announcements of commissions.

The State of the State address is planned for Tuesday, February 1st. Will there be anything to report, or will it most be a campaign speech?

I know I’m probably expecting too much, but I thought perhaps there would be more in the way of a solid direction by now. Instead I feel I’m still getting slogans. While “Wisconsin is Open for Business” is charming and somewhat timely given the Illinois decision to raise taxes in that state, I expected more.

What happened to the idea of tort reform? Right to work? Lowering taxes? I guess I’m a little disappointed all the news died so quickly.

I’m sitting on the sidelines. If you’re in the rink and have an idea, let me know.


  1. The “Wisconsin is Open for Business” campaign is great.

  2. PartiallyBlue says:

    What is great about it? Just asking; not challenging.

  3. Tort reform passed the senate today. The bill was proposed on behalf of Walker…

  4. Excellent news! Thank you so very much.

    Here’s the update from

  5. Well, PartiallyBlue, it’s clever for one. It’s timely, as I mentioned. It’s common, which makes it familiar, but used in context of a state, makes it new. It’s easily remembered.

    From a marketing standpoint, I’d call it a win. From an action standpoint we’re still waiting.

  6. “From a marketing standpoint, I’d call it a win. From an action standpoint we’re still waiting.”


  7. PartiallyBlue says:

    Isn’t ‘Open For Business’ kind of like ‘New and Improved’?
    Marketing plans typically focus on features, advantages , and benefits. What are the FABs of this OFB marketing plan? Point the way and I’ll follow.

  8. Nah, I think we did a pretty good job of explaining it. If you don’t get it, then you just don’t get it.