‘Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio’?

Remember the good ole days ? NPR’s news anchor Scott Simon sure does. On Saturday he asked the following about the recent shooting in Tucson while interviewing the St. Petersburg Times’ TV critic,

People have observed over the past few years, for example, that, you know, this just didn’t happen when 63 million people watched Walter Cronkite every night. But I don’t know, hasn’t colorful and even intemperate speech been a part of politics and journalism?”

Really? It appears the state supported news network anchor isn’t aware of the shootings of President John Kennedy, candidate Robert Kennedy, George Wallace, Malcolm X, Martin L. King, Jr. , 2 shooting attempts at Gerald Ford, the Jonestown suicides, Charles Whitman’s killing of 16 victim’s at University of Texas, Kent State, and those many riots in cities all over America as well as the Democratic National Convention in 1968. And never mind that not one scintilla of evidence has been produced that would indite anyone’s speech as the cause for this murderous act.

And how about that 63 million viewers ?

Maybe a better question, Mr. Simon, might be to ask how long has stating mis-truths been a part of NPR’s broadcasts ?

And maybe Dan Rather can enlighten us on how well Walter would have stood up had the internet and 24 hour cable been around in his day.


  1. Well said, Cindy.

  2. Except it wasn’t me! It was Randy.