Plale rewarded

Heads are exploding all over Wisconsin.

From The Daily Page:

Former Sen. Jeff Plale, the conservative Democrat who was unseated in a primary challenge from Sen. Chris Larson in September, was named to a top job in the Department of Administration by Gov. Scott Walker. One of the two Senate Democrats who voted against the state worker contracts that Walker had asked be delayed, Plale was rumored to be seeking a job in the new administration for some time now, and will now head the Division of State Facilities in the DOA.

Why yes. That’s exactly the way the game is played. And now Governor Walker has a bi-partisan cabinet.


  1. No, it’s still all Republican. Plale can label himself however he likes, but if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck…

  2. I don’t consider administrators to be part of Walker’s cabinet….I don’t see a single Democrat among the folks Walker picked as his department secretaries, which comprises his cabinet.

  3. I see your point Zach. So call it a bi-partisan administration?

  4. At least Jim Doyle had a Republican in his Cabinet, not just in his administration at large.