Where’s Wisconsin in tort reform?

I know it passed the state Senate.

I saw where the HSA bills that went through were signed by the governor into law.

What’s the hold up on No. 1? I was told these bills were going through without amendment. Shouldn’t tort reform have come through along the same timeline as HSA?

And did anyone notice Obama mentioned it last night?


  1. i thought it will be law in 10 days . pres. did mention that he is open to medical malpractice claim reform, maybe limits on recovery amts. new wis. law goes way beyond that under states rights. in most cases the injured party has the option to sue in state or federal court if there is a diversity of citizenship. remains to be seen. the change is pretty limited to a cap on punitive damages, i think. med. providors are worried about their liability ins. premiums going up which they will anyway if they are found to be negligent. this will not stop insurance companies from making settlements or juries finding liability and damages. BTW, lawyers must carry the same type of insurance.

  2. Bill signing’s today Cindy. Whatever you have against Walker is getting tired.

    “capper” tired Cindy.

  3. Geez Kevin Binversie, crabby much?

    Excellent news! I hope to be able to link to it soon.

    So when did the bill pass the assembly? I looked and looked and couldn’t find it. Guess I’ll go look again. I realized last night I wasn’t very good at reading the legislative calendars. Maybe it’s buried in there and I missed it.

  4. Here it is.

    Good job, Governor Scott Walker. Let’s hope the new legislation creates the buffer needed to encourage business startups.

  5. cindy. again thanx for bringing this issue up but it will not change much except for the add-ons to tort reform which will be the subject of many many legal seminars just to understand it in a uniform manner. even then people will have accidents, injuries and monetary losses. insurance companies will settle most claims. juries will award damages. judges will apply the laws. all that which in most cases do not include punitive damages. there have always been caps/limits in insurance coverages. there have always been un-insured companies and people. and there wll continue to be. in wi. the courts mandate mediation to keep cases out of the court system. just an opinion from an experienced trial lawyer.