Elmbrook board manipulates the agenda on 4K

They’ve pushed the vote back from tonight to, oh, yes, March 8.

You know why? Me either, but I’m getting a little suspicious. You see, the election is April 5th, and I proposed to a couple of members there would still be plenty of time to mount a write-in campaign against them – especially since one is running unopposed. Except by pushing back the vote, there’s less time to make that happen, now, isn’t there?

Elmbrook School Board, grow up. You aren’t going to know any more in two weeks than you know tonight. You’re just refusing to make the hard decisions. Oh, except the ones that force my wallet open yet again.

Board member Glenn Allgaier wrote to me on the 15th:

While there are financial benefits to the District budget, these do not make a significant impact on our overall budget shortfall. A recent concern expressed by some is that prospective home buyers will make their home buying decision based solely on whether or not a District has 4K. While I do not deny that this may happen in some cases, I have been unable to convince myself that this represents a significant percentage of home buyers. Based on these facts, I find it difficult to support at $3 million increase in property taxes to pay for 4K.

4K is a rotten idea and not even a decent short-term fix because it costs taxpayers up front. You should listen to Glenn Allgaier on this one and walk away from the choice. One of you is always talking about how lucky you are to have Glenn’s financial ability on the board. Why would you choose to ignore him now?


  1. Great quote from Glenn…. I think he summarized the issue well.

    What is the stated reason for pushing the vote back? Is it because they hope by then Walker will release a budget and they might know whether or nor state funding for 4K will cut? Obviously if that happens, adding 4K goes from an awful idea to an unconscionably rotten one.

  2. I don’t know that they’ve stated a reason other than to gather more “feedback” for withholding the vote. I am told, though, that someone is definitely in the hopper to run against Kathryn Wilson when she votes for 4K.

    I can make a lot of phone calls in two weeks if it comes to that. Darn it. I didn’t want to have to be in this position. Of course, if they’re really weaselly, they’ll push the decision back until after the school board election.

  3. Go read what Kyle Prast has to say after last night’s meeting: