Open Thread

Since Cindy will be away for a few days this Post is an open thread. Got something to say or comment on–do it here on any subject (legal or decent). What’s on your mind ?


  1. BrkfldDad says:

    Charlie Sheen – oh wait, that’s probably illegal and indecent….:) talk about a train wreck.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    You may already know this but I read that he makes (made) $2 million an episode. If he worked 12 hours a day 5 days a week that’s $33,333 per hour.

  3. Anthony says:

    Something Brookfield Related For Discussion:

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    That article about Brookfield could be about anytown USA. What’s interesting is the Superintendent said he had to “get creative” and even with the suspected cuts he’s close to balancing the district’s budget. While new to him and thousands across the country like him, there are millions of business people in this country doing that each and every day. And that’s just one district out of thousands that will possibly be saving the taxpayers $5.4 million.

  5. BrkfldDad says:

    What a salary, I bet SAG has collective bargaining rights 🙂

  6. Well I’ve been living off morphine and ice chips for the last 24 hours, so I’ve completely redecorated my house in my head.

    Would someone pop up a post with the video of the Dem Assemblyman defending Grothmann at the capitol a couple of days ago? I feel a thank you is in order.

  7. BrkfldDad says:

    Morphine, ugh. I dreamed in black and white cartoons when I had to take that after surgery. Got off it quick, it was scary.

    The Grothmann encounter is towards the end of this clip.,0,1197303.story

    Get well!

  8. Here’s some potentially good news for the Brookfield economy.

  9. I dreamed of Mad Magazines Alfed E. Neuman. Morphine didn’t love me back, that’s for sure. I’ve switch to good old Motrin and Tylenol. So far, so good.

  10. The Town of Brookfield economy, anyway. 🙂

  11. Scott Berg says:

    Now, you *DO* realize that Rep. Zipperer introduced a special exemption bill allowing the TOWN of Brookfield to create a TIF district to support this project, right? Towns cannot create TIF districts, only cities/ villages can.

    Given the consistent hatred from posters to this site towards TIF districts and government interference in private enterprize, I’m surprised how much support I’m seeing here and especially on the MJS site (you know, that MSM site that nobody reads.)

    Remember, every store sucked out of the Brookfield Mall resulting in a lower mall property value decreases tax revenue to the city.

  12. Nope, I didn’t know that Scott Berg. Thanks for keeping such a close eye on the Town and Mr. Zipperer.

    I’ve been busy protecting my internal organs from publication. TIF districts just cause that stuff to happen you know.

    It’s a shame the voters of the Town are letting their elected duplicate the City’s mistakes.

    As always, thanks for reading.

  13. Okay, I’ll admit my ignorance…. can someone give me a crash course in “TIF districts 101”? This link makes it sound like it has been a good thing for the Brookfield Square area…. though I suspect that is an incomplete picture?

  14. There’s a difference in opinions as to whether or not the district actually develops land that would not otherwise be developed. In the Brkfld Square area, the answer is no. A lot of the land – the maximum amount allowed by law – was already approved for new development before the district was made. Also, the stores in the mall are not in the district. Finally, none of the public improvements promised or the infrastructure planned ever made it to build.

    It’s extremely complicated, and Berg has always felt the need to defend his position. I think economic development is stealing from Peter to pay Paul and generally don’t support it. Almost everything that makes its way to the paper is written by the Brookfield development office whose sole reason for existing is to manage things like TIF districts. By the way, they sometimes call them TID (Tax Increment Districts) because TIFs (Tax Increment Finance districts) got a bad name.

    (Yes I’m up. I’m discovering you do not get to sleep in hospitals.)

  15. Our State Constitution had anticipated Towns would be absorbed into either Villages or Cities. I can\’t tell from the story whether ALL Towns would be given this authority or just Brookfield. TIF\’s original purposes including developing brown-fields and Dev. that were so significant and just needed small amounts of aid. Pabst Farms is a poster child for poor local decision making, most of the land is still only paying ag. valuations and any build-up in value goes to pay-off the TIF and not the schools ( 2 new ones). The Ocon. downtown TIF is expected to eventually fail to repay and be added the the general tax rolls (I supported downtown TIF). I thought most in Wauk. Co. supported the free-market-just not here.

  16. It’s probably just for the Town of Brookfield. Their property values make them unique among towns in the state.

    As I said, I think it’s not indicative of the voters in the Town that the TIF be used, but it’s very indicative of the Marcus Corporation wanting money from a community for the favor of developing there. (I believe I read Marcus was the developer.)

    I’m pretty consistent in my criticism that TIF districts are very, very rarely used as originally legislated and also rarely useful. I can be as right as humanly possible, but it won’t stop the elected from making crummy decisions when falling for these plans.

    However (you know I like howevers!) I find it very amusing the City of Brookfield is testifying against the Town having the right to the district. It’s obvious what’s good for the goose is not also good for the gander. It’s also obvious from the CBL quotes in that story that CBL expects Brookfield Square to decline. They’ve already had some shutdowns and have struggled for years because they’ve not successfully landed tenants like Chico’s and Talbot’s who are in a strip mall in the town.

    It’s fascinating that Alderman Scott Berg would bring it up. I kind of think it’s the tip of an iceberg no one wants to admit is in the water.

  17. interesting says:

    Would be interesting (no pun intended) to know the short-term economic impact of all the activities connected to the Budget Repair Bill…Capital Square businesses, hotels, ad revenue for TV and radio. Gotta be in the millions

  18. Wilson828 says:

    Gosh, Scott Berg, your insensitivity and lack of common courtesy and etiquette in not even inquiring or even wishing Cindy good health and speedy recovering is still surprising. How small.

    By contrast of more interesting conversation to Berg’s worries – Verizon iPhone works perfectly throughout Door County. Woot !!!!!!!