The end of the Republic

There are some interesting points in this discussion.

What are we teaching our children except that you can hold your breath and get your way? Maybe it’s because we are starting to elect these children who always had perfect cartwheels to governments that the government is starting to implode. The bottom line: When the Democrat Senators walked out of Wisconsin, Wisconsin ceased to have a functioning representative republic. The form of government that has served us for over 200 years is lost.

What ever do we do now?

I’d like to see a ruling that they’ve vacated their elected positions. I think impeachment would work. Then (I’m working from memory, it’s lazy, but I have a good excuse this week) the governor can make an appointment for one slot, vote the bill, and set elections for the other seats.

Lefties can whine all they want, but they are the ones who walked out on the job. Sometimes in life you just don’t get do-overs.


  1. Then again, one could make the same argument regarding the Republicans who are no longer interested in representing their constituents.

    But no need for Walker to stop counting his campaign donations. The people will do his job for him, while he still has it.

  2. Capper, you lose. The Republicans are present and ready to vote. You can point to all the polls you’d like, but our government does not run by polls. It runs when elected representatives are in the chairs and voting.

    The fact that your rebuttal is so terribly weak makes me wonder if you realize the seriousness of the breach as well.

  3. Codeword: Cupcake

  4. Thank you.

    I am able to verify there was a fake Capper at play.

    Capper – someone doesn’t like you very much.

    Fake Capper – go away now.