Another NPR Boondoggle

From The Daily Caller, we have a report of a new video that will help put more nails in the coffin for public funding of PBS and NPR. I have included their description as an intro to the video.

In a new video released Tuesday morning by conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe, NPR’s Ron Schiller and Betsy Liley, NPR’s director of institutional giving, are seen meeting with two men who, unbeknownst to the NPR executives, are posing as members of a Muslim Brotherhood front group. The men, who identified themselves as Ibrahim Kasaam and Amir Malik from the fictitious Muslim Education Action Center (MEAC) Trust, met with Schiller and Liley at Café Milano, a well-known Georgetown restaurant, and explained their desire to give up to $5 million to NPR because, “the Zionist coverage is quite substantial elsewhere.”

On the tapes, Schiller wastes little time before attacking conservatives. The Republican Party, Schiller says, has been “hijacked by this group.” The man posing as Malik finishes the sentence by adding, “the radical, racist, Islamaphobic, Tea Party people.” Schiller agrees and intensifies the criticism, saying that the Tea Party people aren’t “just Islamaphobic, but really xenophobic, I mean basically they are, they believe in sort of white, middle-America gun-toting. I mean, it’s scary. They’re seriously racist, racist people.”

And coincidentally NPR has just announced Mr. Ron Schiller, their
Senior Vice President for Development of NPR and President of the NPR Foundation, is leaving for another job.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    NPR’s President and Chief Executive, Vivian Schiller, has resigned. That’s code for she was fired. This bears out a truism in management and leadership–poor management cannot be covered up by press releases and omnibudspeople. It was not only the firing of Juan Williams that exhibited Ms. Schiller’s poor leadership but her handling of the aftermath.

    This is where President Obama’s pastor of over 20 years, Rev. Wright, would proclaim ” the chickens have come home to roost.It was on this site on January 6th that I commented,

    “The NPR Board chose not to fire Schiller which is the part they didn’t get right.”

    Because they had no choice, the NPR Board had to take the action they took yesterday. Their reluctance to make this move 2 months ago and the resulting actions (and inactions) of Ms. Schiller’s management team since will probably contribute greatly to the cause of defunding NPR.

  2. Looks like you, Breitbart and Fox all got punked again by this miscreant o’keif.

  3. Oh, I wouldn’t call it punked. If the video as originally produced was so benign, don’t you think Schiller and Schiller (no relation) would have defended themselves a little more handedly? Me, too.

    Your argument is soundly rejected.

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    First, my comment’s purpose was that she was fired–mostly because she was in over her head. Secondly, you left out other’s that have reported the firing and secret tape, to mention a few, NPR themselves, ABC News, Huff Post, and Politico, among others:

    Vivian Schiller was incompetent at a time NPR had/has no wiggle room. I personally have supported PBS and may continue to do so. I even indirectly worked for them. However, there is no place or need in our country for state supported entertainment or news media.