This IS what Democracy looks like

Here’s some footage from the Vukmir/Sensenbrenner town hall last night in the Wauwatosa library.

It’s loud and obnoxious and completely the way we do things these days. But it’s still safe and legitimate and I will defend to the death the right to gather in an organized way, protest (notice I didn’t mention move in) and then leave.

To me the greatest mistake Governor Scott Walker is making right now is his refusal to poop or get off the potty. (This phrase has a remarkable new meaning for me lately. I do try to keep the blog relevant. 🙂 ) It’s long known that he can separate the collective bargaining components from the budget components. The Fab 14 will come home if collective bargaining is removed. So, bring them home, pass the same budget, then pass the non-budget components alone.

You can tell the Fab 14 that Cindy said go (Ok. I won’t actually say that phrase, but I’m mad enough. It’s crossed my mind.)

Seriously Walker, you’re looking a little wimpy by not getting it done. Go all Christie on us. Please.


  1. 70% of the WPRI poll wanted the Gov. to compromise. The Dem.’s have offered to return if 1. collective bargaining and related provisions are removed from the budget repair bill, 2. all the savings proposed by the Gov. and agreed to by the unions on health and pension benefits will be included, 3. all collective bargaining issues removed from the repair bill WILL be reintroduced in the regular 2 year budget bill and go through the regular process not just joint finance. REAL leaders know when they have the best deal they can get and magnanimously accept the victory. Walker thinks he’s Reagan, I lived through Reagan, Scott Walker is no Ronald Reagan!!

  2. Whoopdedoo. 100% of the children in my household use to think they should eat dessert first.

    Elections have consequences. Dems are running away and should be removed from their elected positions because of malfeasance. Refusing to participate in the job elected is wrongful conduct. So I’d assume you like the idea of compromising with terrorists, too? After all, terrorists are just a minority trying to get their way through unconventional means.

    Walker thinks he’s Walker. I just hope Walker’s got the intestinal fortitude of Ronald Regan and chooses to display that trait very soon.

  3. 1. Reagan pulled out of Beirut after the barracks bombing-he didn’t compromise he bailed-out. 2.this is just politics by other means (clauz.),3. comparing negotiating with your political opponents to negotiating with terrorists is well below you. Actions also have consequences, 1 month ago i thought Prosser would be easily reelected to SC,now maybe less than 50% chance.

  4. I’m very amused by the new union talking point as to the definition of politics. It isn’t the art of compromise, it’s the art of persuasion – literally getting someone to do something they wouldn’t ordinarily do. Think of it as legislated bullying if you prefer, but that’s what it is.

    You guys just aren’t capable of taking it as well as you can dish it out. Babies.

    Prosser is fine in the election, BTW. You’re just projecting some wishful thinking.

  5. Cindy

    i get Walker Won.

    But does that mean he gets to ignore 48% who didn’t vote for him?

  6. J. Strupp says:

    Yes. Yes it does.

    This is one of those times where you and I agree completely Cindy. Walker won the election. Walker has public opinion on his side. Why is it that today’s leadership has a difficult time just getting it done? Lay the hammer down Scott. Damn. It’s been over two weeks man.

    And this is coming from me.

  7. Randy in Richmond says:

    Obama won 52.9% of the vote. Does that mean he gets to ignore 47.1% who didn’t vote for him?

    Yes it does. And he has–sorta.

  8. Our State looks a fool. Time to end it and, yes, I think that means some kind of compromise from both sides. Walker’s promise (hope) of attracting businesses to Wisconsin by eliminating unions has brought the unintended consequence of repelling businesses who do not want to deal with the fray of embattled politicians who have gifted Wisconsinites with at least two more years of divisiveness as recalls on both sides fan the flames. WHO would want to move a business here? I’m ready to get the heck out of Dodge. They are all a collective joke. I am sick of both sides.

  9. if obama governed like walker, we\’d have full govt healthcare, employee free choice and woudn\’t have renewd the bush tax breaks…you can’t argue with facts!
    well you can….but you look like walker…

  10. Jim, that’s naive. The legislative branch is also involved. You can’t argue with the facts. 😉

  11. Randy in Richmond says:

    And how long has Walker been Governor ?

  12. A couple of months. Talk about a trial by fire.

  13. Randy in Richmond says:

    Just so I understand, the collective bargaining issue is only concerned with public employees, right ? If passed then Wisconsin would be like the Federal Government employees and many other states. And if the answer to my question is yes it leaves moot some of the comments made on this site.

  14. That’s my understanding except wages will still be allowed to be bargained with certain limitations.

    The problem is, no one wants to identify the issues, they just want to play this as union busting. I saw a Teamster at dinner with a “bust the bill” button. The unions are afraid to lose power, period. The government jobs are some of their best money makers when it comes to paid management.

  15. Wilson828 says:

    I want Walker to stay the course. Don’t negotiate. Let there be consequences.

    Where do I go to sign a Mary Lazich recall petition? I simply think she’s incompetent – it’s not because of any other reason that I want to sign a recall petition for her.

    Great post.

  16. My point is that Republicans used the rules of the house and Senate to force obama to moderate his bills. So now that it\\\’s Walker, you don\\\’t think he should move to a compromise ? it\\\’s how you get things done.
    even Belling said yesterday that Walker\\\’s offer is about 6% of what he originally proposed.
    Not exactly much of a move to getting something passed?
    I\\\’d say take the concessions that WEAC and AFSCME,ETC offered, Then tell them if they don\\\’t see the Local unions following suit, next year they will pass the union bargaining language. The people would then be on his side, because he gave the locals a chance to make the budgetary changes he needs!

  17. Nope. No compromise. He could easily get things done of the Fab 14 would just show up.

    WEAC’s promises aren’t worth anything. They need to be broken. The sooner the better.

  18. Doesn’t sound like that “Evenhanded manner” that you profess?

    Good Lord
    Even Jim Sensenbrenner refused to support it!

  19. He hasn’t lost. Sensenbrenner is just staying out of it. I will say Walker is at risk of losing. It needn’t end that way. He needs to finish what he started.

    Over the balance it all evens out, but this time I will confess I harbor no “evenhanded” feelings on the subject. You’ll get over it.

  20. Randy in Richmond says:

    You say, “My point is that Republicans used the rules of the house and Senate to force obama to moderate his bills.”

    Please tell me you are kidding. Are we on candid camera ? Are we being punked ?

  21. I agree with Cindy that WEAC must be checked. In my experience it has always punished locals that did not hold to the WEAC position when bargaining.

  22. “Certainty without power can be interesting ; even amusing, but certainty with power is dangerous” (Donald Rumsfeld). Yes Walker may prevail but at what cost, is a Pyrrhic victory really good for the institutions. 80% of the cost savings in the budget repair bill were the typical (gasp) shell game of refinancing debt and increasing overall borrowing cost in the out years by $42 million. Walker aimed a kill shot at the unions, maybe Darling et al will also be collateral damage. God’s work can be nasty business.

  23. You are very nasty, Anon. I can sense your growing frustration by your increase in hatefulness.

    I will interpret that as an awareness that you are losing.

    This is taking a lot longer than I’d like, but I feel certain the outcome will be as expected. I’ll go door to door for Darling if it comes to that. You don’t get to throw her under any bus.

    Go have a Popsicle or something. Your attitude could certainly stand to improve.

  24. The whole thing is this was at a working library, people were asked to be respectful of that, they were not.

    Where did you get the right to be a complete jerk?

    I attended multiple “listening sessions” of Senator Feingold. The ones where people brought their concerns to be ignored…

    Everyone was respectful, these union people are NOT being respectful in the least.

  25. Where did I get the right to be a complete jerk?

    Whoa. Guess I was born with it.

    What you might want to understand is that I don’t like what they did, I think it was disrespectful, but it’s also very indicative of the current debate. This one isn’t pretty, but it is what democracy looks like.

  26. You misunderstand my dear hostess, I was not calling you a complete jerk.

    The people who went to this meeting and did not respect the requests of the facility were being complete jerks.

    It is not a difficult thing to make your point in a respectful way in a public forum. Many of these union members lack basic civility.

    I didn’t like Senator Feingold but at his listening sessions I treated him with a base amount of respect.

    Not these folks though.

  27. I am so glad.

    Still, they have the constitutional right to be complete jerks if they want. It doesn’t make them look very good, but it’s obvious they don’t care. Perhaps that makes us better, more classy constituents. 🙂

  28. I do not believe the constitution gives you the right to be a jerk.

    If that was the case disturbing the peace laws would have been overturned long ago.

    This does show just how uncivil the left truly is though.

  29. I guess it’s all in how you define jerk.

  30. Not A dem says:

    nobama ignored alot of people and did’nt let them even protest at town hall meetings
    nancy pelosi called us nazi swastika wearing people .Walker is at least letting people protest and the dems have had almost 4 weeks to talk, it is time for action and they followed the the law. unlike the fugitives owe i mean the dems. GO WALKER

  31. J. Strupp says:

    @ that idiot in comment #6……

    That’s how you lay the hammer.