Governor Scott Walker in tomorrow’s WSJ

He explains why he’s fighting for Wisconsin.

In 2010, Megan Sampson was named an Outstanding First Year Teacher in Wisconsin. A week later, she got a layoff notice from the Milwaukee Public Schools. Why would one of the best new teachers in the state be one of the first let go? Because her collective-bargaining contract requires staffing decisions to be made based on seniority.

I heard this story yesterday. I’m glad it’s getting some public time.



    Esxcept like everything Scott Walker says – not so much.

  2. Absolutely! She was canned from MPS after winning the award for teaching there. You’d love to discount the story, but really, you can’t.

    If anything, your defense highlights how out of touch you are with the problem. A great teacher was forced to leave the miserable MPS system where she was willing to work and head to the suburbs where you will likely argue the devil resides.

    Ha ha. I’m laughing at you for even trying on this one.

  3. She was not canned she was unfortunately laid off and went and found another job.

    It is sad that we have money for corp tax cuts and ridding us of cap gains, etc… and none for the schools but that is changing.

    She herself says she makes a better teacher than pawn.

    As for the devil residing, our Wisconsin public school system is amazing and would never call it the devil(even in OOstburg)

  4. Fine. She was laid off from MPS and went to teach in the suburbs instead of working to improve MPS where she started.

    I’m still laughing.