Who thinks Senator Larson is lying?

Senator Christ Larson (D-Milwaukee) keeps babbling in front of news outlets that he tried to get back last night in time for the 18-1 vote that put the collective bargaining issue to rest.

I seriously doubt it. Though Larson professes he jumped in his car and sped eighty miles an hour to get to the capitol, what exactly would have happened had he shown his pretty little baby face?

Yup. A quorum. And faster than you can shuffle papers the original and full version of the budget bill would have passed.

Liars are liars, even if they’ve been elected to represent their districts. In this case Larson loses twice. He lies and he fails to show up.

I hope he finds his big-boy pants very soon.


  1. The first thing I thought of was, where was he in his secretive, out of state location?

    Dubuque, IA for example is 93 miles and 1hr 35minutes away. South Beloit, IL is 56 miles and 1hr 3 min away. (Those times would be driving the speed limit.)

  2. Was Larson lying? Were his lips moving?