Did you know?

You have the power! Fairly Conservative is ramping up to share the conservative love and solid debate with even more people in the state.

In the last couple of days the slowdown from hosting has hopefully been resolved. The site has been cleaned up to run more quickly by removing images. Finally, a navigation bar has been added to the top with specific categories. Clicking on one of those links will get you to the most recent posts on the subject labeled.

But did you know you can help share the love?

Below each post you will see three tabs: part of an “f”, part of a “t”, and finally a bit of an “@” symbol. These are your tools to let friends and even enemies ( 😉 ) know what you think. The first one will put the post to your Facebook profile if you are signed into your account. The second will let you send the link via your Twitter feed, and for the average user, the @ tab will connect with your designated e-mail client to let you send the post link by e-mail. Aside from a small number that appears beside each tab, I won’t know anything about it. Your actions are completely anonymous.

So go ahead. Tell your boss about that great post you just read…during your lunch break.