Predicting the recall efforts in Wisconsin

There are, according to the Wisconsin State Accountability Board, sixteen Wisconsin State Senators who are facing recall committees. Make certain you understand they are not are not facing a recall. Not yet.

Since the GAB is a public site, I’ll put the whole list below. The date by which signatures must be collected is at the end. The number of signatures required has been made bold.

2 Robert Cowles Committee to Recall Cowles 15,960 May 2, 2001
4 Lena Taylor American Recall Coalition 13,498 April 25, 2011
6 Spencer Coggs American Recall Coalition 11,817 April 26, 2011
8 Alberta Darling Committee to Recall Darling 20,343 May 2, 2011
10 Sheila Harsdorf Committee to Recall Harsdorf 15,744 May 2, 2011
12 Jim Holperin Jim Holperin Recall Committee 15,960 April 25, 2011
14 Luther Olsen Committee to Recall Olsen 14,733 May 2, 2011
16 Mark Miller Committee to Recall Mark Miller 20,352 April 26, 2011
16 Mark Miller American Recall Coalition 20,352 April 25, 2011
16 Mark Miller American Recall Coalition – Miller 20,352 May 4, 2011

18 Randy Hopper Committee to Recall Hopper 15,269 May 2, 2011
20 Glenn Grothman Committee to Recall Grothman 20,061 May 2, 2011
22 Robert Wirch American Recall Coalition 13,537 April 25, 2011
22 Robert Wirch Taxpayers to Recall Robert Wirch 13,537 April 25, 2011

24 Julie Lassa American Recall Coalition 15,879 April 25, 2011
26 Fred Risser American Recall Coalition 19,805 April 25, 2011
28 Mary Lazich Committee to Recall Lazich 20,973 May 2, 2011
30 Dave Hansen Recall Dave Hansen Active 13,852 April 26, 2011
30 Dave Hansen American Recall Coalition Active 13,852 April 25, 2011

32 Dan Kapanke Committee to Recall Kapanke Active 15,588 May 2, 2011

The effort against Democrats is coordinated through this Salt Lake City political group called American Patriot Recall Coalition. The link is to their Facebook page. If you want to donate to their not-grassroots-effort, you can head to this page instead. There are others scattered to recall the Republicans, but there isn’t a group listed, just remarkably similar phone numbers. I’ll let you know if I figure out the group.

The GAB link has a lot of information in the forms if you’d like to pursue it.

When you look above, you’ll notice three Senators have more than one group working against them. I don’t know if that is because those candidates are more likely to go down, or if it’s because the effort isn’t very well coordinated. According to the rumbling, the three Democrats most highly targeted are Holperin, Wirch, and Hansen. Republicans considered low-hanging fruit are Kapanke, Darling, and Hopper. Hopper’s drawn some extra love from those very unhappy Democrats this last week because he has trouble keeping his pants zipped. While it makes for an entertaining moment in print, it probably won’t matter much in the end.

I’ve argued in comments I expect this effort to return net zero changes to the Wisconsin State Senate. Now I’m beginning to think that’s because we won’t see even one actual recall election.

Never fear. Democrats swear I’m wrong. They get to the first of May to prove themselves in writing. Have fun, kids. If you are gathering around 15,000 signatures per candidate, you likely won’t have time for much of anything else.

***Be sure to check the revised version.


  1. Wilson828 says:

    oh comon .. let’s not ruin a great idea .. to recall Mary Lazich…

    We’ve talke about this for years… let’s not jinx a good idea ….

    I drove out of my way yesterday to sign the recall petition for Mary Lazich… it was a great feeling…

    See, the problem with Mary Lazich is that she most frequently has shallow representation of thought or analysis of what she does or the impact her vote would or wouldn’t have….

    So last week was a double celebratory week .. Walker won and Lazich is being recalled.. whoohoo!!!!!!!

  2. Hopper is my Senator. I think he is in real trouble. Evidently he campaigned on retaining collective bargaining and the numerous workers in public service institutions in this district remember that. His personal issues just add to the hypocrisy that permeates his actions. My personal guess is Luther Olsen is in jeopardy also.

  3. The Lorax says:

    We”re almost 50% of the way there with 45 days left for Darling. I think your analysis is incredibly off.

  4. Well, Lorax, the way I see it you’ve cherry picked the approximately 10,000 people in Darling’s district who aren’t happy. They were easy to find as they came to you. Just be aware that could be it. You might not find another 10,000 willing to sign in the next 45 days.


    This story doesn’t sound like organizers are waiting for those “who came to you”. This is supposed to be a very difficult process and looks like it relies on a ground-game.

  6. Oooh. They raised $6,000!

    We can agree that it is supposed to be a very difficult process. I stand by my original summary. You are welcome to tell me I’m wrong if there’s a Senator Wasserman in a few months.

  7. Alberta Darling is toast. The intensity level of hostility is so great that she stands little chance of surviving her recall vote. Sheldon Wasserman is almosst certain to go to the State Senate.

  8. What is this? A bulletin board for wishful thinking?

  9. The Lorax says:

    I’m less confident that she will lose a recall election, but I do think there will be one.

    And there’s also the little part about you not being on the ground. No one is coming to us, we don’t really even have an office. It’s volunteers going door to door.

  10. Well you better get out there.

  11. The Lorax says:

    Not to mention that we hadn’t even canvassed anywhere other than Whitefish Bay, Shorewood, and Glendale until early this week.

    And there’s plenty of other turf in those three municipalities, as well as the other untouched areas. We have been cutting turf like crazy. 1,000 volunteers in one weekend.

  12. So, how much success do you think you’ll find in Mequon? You’re cherry picking, as I claimed earlier. Whitefish Bay and Shorewood are mini east coast liberal meccas, and you’ve only come up with 10,000 or so signatures. Plus, they are very urban. Any of the other locations in the district are going to be very hard to canvas.

    Before you know it there will be finals, or someone has to get back to work, or the free pizza runs out, and boom. You’ll have 100 volunteers tops.

  13. The Lorax says:

    Not a lot of students volunteering. We have spring break, but not finals. Hey, you can doubt that people really are working hard and here for more than free pizza, but then you’d be doing us a favor by underestimating.

    I’m not saying it’s a forgone conclusion, but just offering, you know, a snapshot of reality instead of just the guesswork i’m seeing in this post.

  14. Guesswork? Hey, I gave you links and dates and numbers.

    So tell me, what do these 1,000 volunteers do as a day job? Are they all Wisconsin residents? How many live in the district? You want to be the man, by golly be the man. Tell us what you know.

  15. Scott Thinnes says:

    1,000 volunteers over the weekend and yet you net only 10,000 signatures? That’s only 10 signatures per volunteer. What are you traveling in mobs of 50? Sign our paper, or we break’a you arm!!

    In the end I’m sure you’ll find… names on a paper don’t translate into bodies in the voting booth. Time will tell.

  16. J. Strupp says:

    I never thought about that Wilson. This is a perfect opportunity to unload Lazich. I just wish someone with a pulse would run against that waste of space when she’s up for re-election.

  17. Wilson828 and Mr. Strupp, if only I could get the spouse to move. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Scott – wow. I hadn’t thought about the math. (I’m still a bit fuzzy.) That is a huge point! I’ll stick my foot in it and explain that these are Democrats we’re talking about. 10 signatures per volunteer per day may well be an acceptable rate of work. (I know I’m going to pay for that. See the earlier disclaimer in parens.)

  18. Wilson828 says:


    yes … Strupp and Cindy … this is a true win for the normal people… smile

    Now 5oo enraged lib’s … at 40 signatures per lib … that’s 20K signatures. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Recall’s are very difficult to do. I know. I’ve done a couple in my community a few years back.

    Now Cindy you need to appeal to the spouses sense of community … you need to move across the tracks to the other side of town.

    Actually I’m half thinking of running myself.

  19. So, it doesn’t look like Darling is going down after all. Look at those numbers! Not a 51% Dem vote for any column.,-more-at-risk

  20. Randy in Richmond says:

    My head is still ‘spinning’ from reading the twists the DKos writer put into his article. While I interpret the results not that bad for Republicans it is what the writer did not point out that I believe important. Only one Senator, Kapanke, actually reaches more than 50% of those polled supporting a recall. And only 2 others are above 40%. Also, disapproving of an office holder’s job performance does not in any way rise to the level of wanting to recall him/her.

    But the biggie, not mentioned in the article, is that all those polled were registered voters, not likely voters. Taken at the height of the emotional goings on in Madison it appears to me the Dems have little to celebrate, if one can believe the poll at all. But it does show, contrary to the writer, that Darling is in no trouble at all.

  21. What Randy in Richmond said! That’s pretty much the way I took it, too.

  22. The Lorax says:

    I guess we’ll see ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Cindy

    Isn’t it a bit hypocritical that you question where these people work, live and vote after you in your own post provide links to the Utah kooks running the Recalls of Dem Senators?

    You really are becoming FRED.
    At least your’e not FAT and BALD too!

  24. MY prediction is we end up with recall elections on 6 republicans and 4 lose their seats(kapanke, darling, olsen and Hopper).

    No democrats go through a recall election.

    I also think scott walker will also be recalled. Along with some representatives in the Assembly.

  25. Stan, who made you swallow jerk pills this morning?

    I think, and I’ll look it up, but I think I remember that people actually collecting signatures had to be vested in the district in which they are trying to influence.

    And, yes. I did call attention to the Salt Lake City group, but no, that’s never good enough for someone like you. BTW, what is your constant affection for Fred?

    Proud Progressive: Why, after seeing the Kos numbers, does the left continue to insist that Darling is going to lose? I guess after weeks of group living in Madison, it’s hard moving back into reality.

  26. you asked for predictions, i gave my prediction.

  27. Stan: I was wrong.

    (16g) “Qualified circulator” means a qualified elector of this state or any U.S. citizen age 18 or older who, if he or she were a resident of this state, would not be disqualified from voting under s. 6.03.

    It looks like anyone over 18 can circulate a petition for recall as long as they aren’t felons, etc., – anything that would keep them from voting.

  28. Randy in Richmond says:

    As I understand a recall in Wisconsin, as opposed to the Davis thing in California, the opposing party must produce a qualified candidate. And then that candidate must defeat the incumbent. If I am understanding this correctly it is really a ‘call’ to have another election sooner than the incumbent’s term runs out. To summarize this is the political eqivalent of taking your ball and going home when you don’t get your way, especially when attempted in a wide spread manner and predominantly over one issue.

  29. That is somewhat true Randy, the recall just moves it up to a special election, they can still win their seat back.

    This is hardly taking your ball and going home. When it takes 25% of the voters to sign a petition in 60 days time, it means they did something so egregious that they no longer represent their districts. Which is what we are seeing now.

    Besides: Scott walker is a supporter of recall elections.

  30. Randy in Richmond says:

    Proud Progressive
    So what is the egregious ‘something’ the six officials you refer to committed ?

  31. Taking your ball and going home. That’s one way to look at it. I think it’s a shame both sides are playing the same way, but if I’ve learned anything from living in Wisconsin and watching the politics here, efforts are not always organized within a party. The WiGOP may (I used the word may, I don’t know for sure) not have anything to do with the Salt Lake City recall group. Who knows who is running the Democrat effort.

    I have become miserly in the use of resources over the last year or so. To me, the effort on both sides is not a wise use of time, talent, or political capital.

    And yes, PP, Walker got his County Executive job as a recall. You are quite correct in saying he supports the undertaking. I haven’t heard him complaining, have you?

  32. Just drove up lake drive and there are throngs of recall Darling supporters, culminating with a mass of people at Big Bay Park, might be interesting……


  33. I’m beginning to think the “throngs” just like to hang out with no chance of responsible behavior. Doubt they are doing much to actually increase the chance of recall.

  34. No, it looked like the throngs were doctors, lawyers, professors, and other professionals coming home from work. They were running a recall petition drive at 4 different check points, I think that is making progress towards recall.


  35. Randy in Richmond says:

    I’m still trying to find out–what did Darling do to prompt a recall?

  36. Dave, good luck with that.

  37. I havent heard him be asked or answer a question of it. He does not seem to have too much interest in actually governing or whats going on in Wi, he has bigger fish to fry.

    And Randy I think you misunderstood me. I said i think we will get 6 recall elections, not that 6 deserve to get recalled. All 8 deserve to get recalled and everyone with an R after their name has committed egregious acts towards the citizens of WI and many will pay with their jobs.

  38. Randy in Richmond says:

    Proud Progressive
    I understand you exactly. I also understand that you and others have failed to answer my question(s). And your vague second sentence could apply to thousands of elected officials of all ilks across this land. And no question the first part of that sentence easily applies to President Obama.

    Some of us not in Wisconsin really want to know what these egregious acts are.

  39. Proud Progressive
    Which Assembly members do you think will be recalled?

  40. This is my favorite righty blog. I know you guys get it.

  41. I would be surprised if any assembly members get recalled personally. They are all up every two years so everyone in the assembly will be facing the voters next year anyway. Not that many dont deserve it.

    I just think the people organizing these recalls will put their efforts into recalling walker. That will be a gargantuan, but not impossible, task.

  42. The Lorax says:

    Again with the incorrect assumptions, Cindy, that there actually isn’t anything getting accomplished by the people on Lake Drive yesterday.

    Well, I was there, and they canvassed all of Lake Drive and got a lot of signatures–lots of people putting up homemade “Recall Darling” signs in their lawns, too.

    And what did Darling do wrong? She voted for the bill. She was incredibly rude to me when I visited her office to give my opinion about the bill and dismissed me even though I was respectful. And she pushed the legislation through the Joint Finance Committee.

    From what I know, the WI-GOP is not very involved. I know in the Darling recall group, it was just some random guy from Shorewood who started the group and is coordinating everything, of course with help from other groups.

  43. Take a look at the power point put out by Elmbrook today on their website.

    By 2015, they are going to have class size average 29.6 students, up from current level of 24. Wow, dont be surprised if your child is in a class of 38, I think I’m going private route when my kids hit school age.


  44. That’s a little off topic, but I’ll take it as a lead. I’ll pop something up soon.

  45. Randy in Richmond says:

    Thank you, Lorax, for giving your reason to recall Alberta Darling. It appears she was barely elected in 2008, a year the Democrats creamed Republicans across the land. I suspect had she run for re-election in 2010 she would have had a larger margin of victory which is reflected in the recent PPP poll.
    In the past has she said she would support collective bargaining for public employees?

    Her candidacy web site states she will be fiscally conservative and try to cut spending. This she did. (There is no place for her or any representative to be “incredidibly rude” to anyone.)

    All this consternation about the Republicans and no mention of the Democrats who deserted their elected and constitutional duties and obligations, to run and hide and choose NOT to participate in the democratic process because they did not like where it was heading. At least their national President, when faced with tough, state legislative decisions voted Present over 200 times and did not flee his state. As an outsider looking into Wisconsin, it would appear the wrong group of senators is being questioned.

  46. They did NOT desert their elected NOR their constitutional duties. They were elected to do the will of the people and the 14 who left did exactly that. Once the republicans decided to cut off all public debate and fast track the approval of this draconian bill, they had no choice.

    The will of the people is definitely on their side and that will be proven in the recall elections. The people who really shirked their duties are the republicans in the assembly who took a 17 second vote in the middle of the night then ran out of the room tail between their legs.

  47. Good grief PP. They cut and run. Of course they deserted their duties.

  48. Wilson828 says:

    Proud Progressive: You are mistaken. The 14 State Democrats ran away like a pack of sissies to Illinois and hid. It’s not responsible. It’s not not a legitimate political move.

    We talk about it all the time. Each and every vote is important. Yet repeatedly, the polls get at most between 13 and 20 percent of the electorate voting. Apathy. Too busy. Whatever. And then those that are too lazy to learn the issues and learn what a person stands for. Then you get all wound up and ‘shocked’ when something happens. Big surprise – not.

    This is the way it works.

    You vote them in … or not because you didn’t go to the polls. You elect them based upon the color of their shoestrings instead of their principles, values or beliefs. You get what you put into it.

    So now there are all these recall activities. Fine. That’s a legit move for those that think they are unhappy. The ‘single’ issue people.

    So, the real test of it all will be if number 1 the recall petitions are successful. The second test will be at the polls to see if the person really is recalled. Both are separate activities.

    But don’t tell me they didn’t desert their duty because they did. I was a past local elected official and I never ran away and hid from my responsibility to represent, debate and vote.

  49. Everything they did was completely legal and valid under our state constitution. It also has a precedence dating back to Abraham Lincoln.

    They wanted to keep the debate open the republicans closed the debate, the debate was over. Had they stayed it would have been voted in a straight party line vote and the public would have been denied the opportunity to fully understand what was in the bill.

    My Senator Miller represented me in IL very well. My representative Hebl was not even allowed by the republicans to vote because they held the vote open for only 17 seconds.

    Obviously the public disagrees with you, because it led ti Historic protests and the 14 coming home to a heroes welcome.

  50. Boo hoo. They wanted to debate a bill they where they knew they would lose, so the little babies ran away instead of facing their duties. The public does not equal the majority, PP. The majority is still pretty ticked about how the babies behaved.

  51. thats based on what exactly

  52. Based on the fact they ran away, and when they came home in a state of millions less than 100,000 gave them that fantastic heroes welcome you say you witnessed.

    So how’s that budget coming along? Do the Fab 14 intend to run away again?

  53. if there was one person there was 150,000 people, thats just the people who made it to Madison. There was another 5000 in washburn protesting the Gov’s appearance up there. Along with numerous other protests around the state. Like at kapanke’s house.

    Just admit it the protests in Madison are historic, Walkers draconian overreach has awoke a sleeping giant. Its sparked a new progressive movement in this country.

    Lets hope they dont have to run away, if they can delay it long enough for us to seat the new senate

  54. Really? 150,000? Wow. Sure the protests are historic. So is the fact 14 legislatures ran away like babies because they weren’t going to get their way. Historic doesn’t equal something to revere. Sometimes historic is embarrassing.

    Your life must be awfully effen easy to spend it and your money protesting. Have fun with that. Oh, and don’t expect me to take your complaints seriously when you say you can’t live off your wages.

  55. The Lorax says:

    Randy, you’re making it sound like everyone knew this was her stance. Before this year, collective bargaining wasn’t an issue, so no one asked her about it. I mean I guess I would assume she wasn’t for it since she’s conservative, but a vote had never come to bear so it didn’t really matter…

  56. I still don’t understand how you all missed the right to work plan during the campaign. I wrote about it early on.

  57. #5 comes today with over 30,000 signatures filed to recall alberta darling.

    Which shows as you correctly pointed out: Cindy // Mar 15, 2011 at 8:15 pm

    So, it doesnโ€™t look like Darling is going down after all. Look at those numbers! Not a 51% Dem vote for any column.,-more-at-risk

    Not a 51% dem vote in any column but it shows how the republicans in Wisconsin extreme power grab has disenfranchised so many previous republican voters. And we are not done yet. This allows the volunteers to head to the remaining three districts!

  58. The Lorax says:

    Well, looks like your crystal ball may need a new set of Duracells.

  59. I understand that it is very difficult to actually oust an incumbent in a recall election, but I don’t see how Hopper can stay put and hope to win. He should be resigning so the GOP can run a candidate that has a chance of winning.

  60. The number of recall signatures does not equal the number of voters required to take her seat. How can you argue your signatures dip into “previous Republican” voters?

    I hope those poor, mistreated union Democrats who should really have to pay taxes like everyone else spend a fortune propping up their candidates during the recall elections.

  61. A couple things to clear up. When they get 10,000 more signatures than necessary, you know that some of those are coming from former supporters. If she was popular the signatures would not be coming. I would never sign for Mark Miller no matter how many shots the republicans offered me.

    Your making a poor assumption that all of the union members are democrats. Well maybe they are now but they weren’t in November.

    You know as well as I do that Union members and Democrats pay taxes. I recently joined the party and pay plenty in taxes.

    I have no doubt that like all elections we will be outspent, but its going to take lots of money to overcome the incompetence of the Walker Administration. Just got another gift today in the paper:
    Paul Ryan is not helping your cause either.

  62. No, Jeff, I don’t know that those extra 10,000 signatures came from former supporters. In 2008 Wasserman had over 49,000 votes in the district. That race was close. However, Scott Walker just won that district with 54%, widening the split. You Democrats insisted that the Prosser/Kloppenburg race was a mandate against Scott Walker, but you were wrong. Anyone have the Prosser/Klop split in the 8th Senate district?

    While all Democrats may not be union members it’s probably 98% of union members that are Democrats in Wisconsin. I’ve been meaning to do a post on how if Dems expect to survive in Wisconsin they’re going to have to dump the unions. Unions are dragging Democrats down in the state, and if they hope to rally in time for the 2012 presidential race, they need to do a whole lot of making over the party.

    So, there goes your argument you aren’t a Democrat. You joined the party. LOL! And bless your heart. You seemed so offended at the time.

  63. Thats my point, walker won. Walker has lost much support. Many walker supporters were standing with me in the capitol protesting. People get it that the Walker way is not the WI way and Wisconsin is not for sale.

    YES i proudly admit that I joined the party this year. I had never considered myself a dem before until the democrats finally stood up for the people.

    The Prosser race was absolutely a mandate against Walker. Prosser should have won
    70-30 but right now is up by .4% with numerous questions lingering over the race. That despite the fact that he was the incumbent with the name recognition who vastly outspent his opponent.

    Its funny because the spring elections of a few days ago were wildly successful for the progressive movement. I look forward to your blog on why dems should dump the unions. Will your next one be the TV networks should dump the NFL so they can get people to watch sports? Any mention in there on the republicans distancing themselves from the paragorns of virtue WMC?

  64. LOL! That argument that Prosser won but it’s a mandate against Walker is a hoot. Almost as funny as your confessing to be a Democrat and part of a wildly successful progressive movement in Wisconsin as shown through the spring elections. You know, Wisconsin’s non-partisan elections.

    Still laughing. And shaking my head.

  65. The Lorax says:

    98%? I still don’t understand where your analysis is coming from. Where’s the warrant?

    An unions are not dragging down the Democrats. Support for labor is at a high right now, and labor is the reason we won the house in 2006.

    This almost sounds like concern trolling…

  66. Oh, you won in 2006! Wow. How cool is that?

  67. Its not only a progressive movement here in the great state of WI it is throughout the country,but I have a feeling you know that. Just admit it and join in everyone is welcome.

    Does anyone really think that the spring elections were “non partisan” when Tom Nelson/Chris Abele/ Joe Parisi do you really think those were non partisan elections??

    Here you go: i broke it down here for you

  68. Oh, Jeff, I’m laughing at you. I wrote a piece on how it’s time to dump non-partisan races. Abele’s vote wasn’t a big win for Democrats in this state. You elected a trust-fund baby to run a heavily Dem county. Now aren’t you proud?

    BTW, you didn’t break it down, you cut and paste an email that claims “four counties” but never articulates which ones. Democrats are joining Charlie Sheen on that #winning bandwagon, eh?

  69. I am in Dane county and didnt elect Abele, but it was clearly a vot eagainst scott Walker.

    Jeff Stone, one of Walkers closest allies running for his old job….Maude could have beaten him this election.

    In my village we tied two candidates to scott walker and they both lost!

    I look forward to the recall elections.

  70. You’re ridiculous. Scott Walker wasn’t running. Milwaukee County is heavily Democrat.

    I think you should put a lot of your personal income in these races. After all, they mean so much to you.

  71. So there was no connection whatsoever between Jeff stone and scott Walker??

    None between Eileen Bruskewitz and Scott walker?

  72. Eileen who?

    Walker was an anomaly in heavily Democratic Milwaukee County. Stone didn’t have a chance, but it wasn’t because he hung with Scott Walker, it was because he WASN’T Scott Walker.

    Keep smoking, buddy. Pipe dreams are named such for a reason.

  73. actually it was because taking away the voters rights is not a wildly popular idea. Except of course for the selfish group of people who are fine with it as long as its not them…..

    There is a reason they did not run on this and wait to \”drop the bomb\”. There is also a reason 5+ of them are facing recall elections and poll numbers are dropping like crazy.

  74. So you say, but you tend to say a lot without a shred of any evidence to back you up. Babbliscious. That’s what you are.

  75. babbliscious i like that word….much better than stupid I must say.

    All of my evidence to back me up is plastered all over bloggingblue.

    Have a great night!

  76. “I hope those poor, mistreated union Democrats who should really have to pay taxes like everyone else spend a fortune propping up their candidates during the recall elections.”

    Cindy, I just want to make sure I understand you correctly; are you asserting union Democrats don’t already pay taxes like everyone else? I’m just wondering, since I suppose I’m what you’d consider a “union Democrat” and I pay the same taxes as everyone else. Sales tax, income tax, property tax….I pay those just the same as you do.

  77. I was being sarcastic.

    You clarified I was wrong to say you don’t pay taxes like everyone else. You did not refute you were poor and mistreated. Should I just let that slide?

  78. I’ve never argued I was poor or personally mistreated.

    Going back to my point, I’m trying hard to find the sarcasm in you parroting what’s become an all too common assertion among the right that Republicans are standing up for Wisconsin’s taxpayers, as if public employees are somehow exempt from paying taxes.

    I suppose I should just let your assertion slide, since it was sarcasm; after all, you are “fairly” conservative.

  79. You never argued you didn’t pay taxes, either.

    That you recognize “parroting” means I get to toss in a little sarcasm. Sorry you took it all so literally.