Elmbrook’s budget bonanza

Billed as yet another “listening session” the budget woes are still in Elmbrook School District’s focus. Except they keep postponing really important decisions like 4K, closing schools, and moving Central Administrative Offices, but you know. They are really taking the fact they expect to be millions in the hole very seriously.

I am so frustrated with these folks. Any business run with such delayed reality would tank. Here they can just demand more of your money.

Anyway, take a look at the powerpoint they’ve prepared. You can get the numbers whilst avoiding certain unpleasing personalities.

Class sizes are expected to increase. Resident enrollment is still expected to tank. Not to worry – this current elected group makes it clear they’ll ship students in from anywhere to avoid having to make tough decisions.

My kids are out. I’m very glad. When any next-generation comes to roost, we’ve already talked about homeschooling. Elmbrook has seriously devalued their product by shipping in outside students and chasing 4K rainbows. Not good.

I am happy to report there is a write in candidate for the at-large position for April 5th’s election. One newly elected board member has flip-flopped on her 4K stance. Originally opposed to costing taxpayers more to fund a program without any long-term benefits, she’s recently decided 4K sounds like a swell idea. So, a few of us decided a different candidate sounded like a swell idea, too.

Write in Nancy Kormanik for the at-large spot where one might have otherwise voted for either pro-4K candidate Wilson or Schulz. Go read a bit about her from my friend Kyle Prast. Look to see more on the subject here.


  1. Just thinking out loud here, but what are the odds that if too many of us who voted Wilson the last time write-in Nancy, the net effect of that might be to elect Sandra Schultz, who (from what little I know) seems far more pro 4K than Wilson?

  2. Oh, well. If there’s going to be a pro-4K candidate, let it be one who stands firm. What I hope is that the pro-4K crowd will split between Wilson and Schultz and leave the write-in the winner.

    The only thing I can come up with is that Wilson has been promised something in exchange for her 4K support. I would just as soon she’s not around to receive her prize.

    Man, there’s nothing like getting dumped on by a candidate you supported. 🙁

  3. CrankyNeighbor says:

    @Ryan: Just thinking out loud here, but if we all talked to a neighbor or two, some friends with kids in private school, a few families with children in parochial school, and retired empty-nesters it would be a real grass-roots effort. If many of us do this, Nancy would win a seat on the board. Then taxpayers would win. And ultimately the children would win as they learn a person can become educated despite financial realities… constraints… obstacles.

  4. Winegirl says:

    I’ve already talked to my neighbors about Nancy’s bid.
    I do feel that the board must have the managerial courage to take steps to match resident enrollment and expenses. This means school closings and layoffs. The reason why this must happen is that we are now paying to educate pupils who don’t reside in the district and whose parent don’t pay property taxes.

    I do know my next door neighbors, an MD and engineer, used services from EBSD for their young child who could not attend school due to an extended illness. They were unimpressed by the level of instruction offered, and decided to enroll their child in Brookfield Academy this year.

  5. Winegirl says:

    Here\’s an opportunity to support Nancy:
    Short, positive endorsements to be published on the BrookfieldNOW political forums can be e-mailed to: news@cninow.com

    Must be 300 words or less.
    Must include candidate\’s name and position they are running for.
    Must include author\’s full name, address, phone number.
    Must be received by CNI (Community Newspapers Incorporated) by 5pm Friday March 18. (Better to shoot for 12:00noon)

    Anything that encourages families without children in public school that their vote is important may be helpful. Too often people think it is none of their business…. but public schools affect everyone\’s quality of life as they affect our taxes.

  6. Thanks for that! You are on the ball with this one.

  7. interesting says:

    It really is time to cut…Close the elementary schools and sell both properties. However, the district and its residents really need to look long, long term…15-20 years. Time to make athletics and activities totally self-funded. How about a blend of on-line and traditional schooling? What do we need to do if we really want to compete with China and India? If we are honest with ourselves, it would change public education forever. Opposing 4K is easy. What happens after that fight is over?

  8. Then we close a school or two and demand performance. Baby steps.

  9. jimspice says:

    How about some bargaining here. Liberals agree to recognize the fetus as a living human being, but your side has to agree to -9/12K?