From We’re Watching Wisconsin Elections Campaign

(Entirely from their email)

Rep. Pridemore will be asking fellow assemblymen to co-sponsor a bill presently referred to as “The Soft Implementation Voter ID Bill.” This bill will require a voluntary show of ID for any elections prior to the passing of a comprehensive Voter ID bill. As in Senate Bill #6, this bill serves as an education process and a PR campaign to “ease” our citizens and poll workers into the Voter ID process. We want the comprehensive election bill to be written and passed prior to July 1st of this year and that mandatory Photo Voter ID law will be in full implementation for elections after that date.

Rep. Pridemore’s bill will also propose a “soft implementation” ending “in-person absentee” voting from the current Monday at 5:00 to Friday at 5:00 prior to Election Day as the clerks have so passionately requested. This part of the bill will become law after July 1, 2011.

Please contact your legislators and Rep. Jeff Fitzgerald’s office and express your support for this very important legislation. Time is of the essence! We need this bill to go into committee, to have a joint hearing, and to be signed by the Governor as soon as possible. If we do not have this “soft implementation” process the GAB claims it will cost tax payers millions of dollars to educate our citizens and poll workers about Photo Voter ID.

We appreciate Rep. Pridemore’s efforts moving this process forward.
It’s now our turn to act. We need your phone calls and emails to your legislators to make this happen.