LOL at the expense of the MJS

The editors of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel are going to need bigger paddles.

You see, today they swear they only endorsed Chris Abele for the primary. They didn’t mean forever. I think what they are really saying is they are embarrassed by the details one of their own keep digging up on the Abele golden boy.

Here’s the advert Abele is running that’s causing the MJS so much grief:

Guess what? I’m taking Abele’s side on this one. The original endorsement indeed chose him over challenger Jeff Stone. If Abele was such a golden choice then, what’s changed? The MJS editors claimed:

Of the five candidates running for county executive in Tuesday’s primary, philanthropist and businessman Chris Abele has the best chance of fixing what’s broken.

Abele has the right experience and the right vision. Abele could be a game-changer.

His opponents have their strengths; several could be solid executives. None, though, match his drive and vision.

Rep. Jeff Stone is an unassuming state legislator from Greendale who has played a key role in promoting transportation and other issues. He is a moderate Republican who can work across the aisle to get things done. Like former County Executive and now-Gov. Scott Walker before him, Stone promises to hold the line on taxes and require concessions from county workers in their benefits packages. Stone also would bring experience as a small business owner and former local official to the job. But his lack of a bigger vision for the county works against him.

That, gentlemen, appears to be a clear choice on your part for Abele over Stone. The only way you get out of it now is to come clean and admit you were very wrong. Whining you’ve been misunderstood means I get to giggle at your expense.


  1. Lisa Sink says:

    Great point. Rolling my eyes at this one. If MJS thought Abele was the best of 5 in primary, how can he no longer be best of 2. Awkward.

  2. Perhaps they should forget endorsements, concentrate on reporting facts and let the actual voters decide for themselves.

  3. jimspice says:

    Easy. Rock, paper, scissors, magic rock-resistant scissors. But seriously, my sides been waiting for them to walk back their Walker endorsement, and that hasn’t happened either.