Claim of “human shield” is “nuts”

One thing a reporter, a good one anyway, is never supposed to do is become the news. That rule has been broken by CNN’s Nic Robertson.

He and a bunch of Americans were sent to Gadhafi’s Libyan compound to survey the damage. They were brought in on buses. They were shipped out quite quickly, according to Robertson. The timing of the visit was entirely under Libyan control. Yet, Mr. Robertson can not bring himself to think that he was used in the endeavor. Robertson never addresses the Fox News report that a British mission had to be aborted because of the reporters’ presence.

Here’s his take on video with a transcript.

Of course the journalists were being used. Robertson’s righteous indignation is characteristic of one caught in the wrong and completely unable to defend himself.

We have no right to 24/7 coverage of a military action. The news agencies feigning that right will get caught in the middle some day. While I hate war, and hate to see any one die because of war, I will say I won’t be surprised. To all those righteously indignant reporters out there, I suggest you grow up. If you drag your backside to the middle of a world conflict you can expect to die. You have no rights nor a right to demand protection. Grow up and smell the gun powder.


  1. I thoughts rights were inalienable.

  2. They are. But all your wants are not actually rights.

    Good thing my kids at least figured that one out. A bazillion Wisconsin union marchers could stand the lesson.