Hey Brookfield, can you commiserate?

Son #2 has started a blog on the event of his home purchase in the City of Brookfield. I laughed out loud during the first few paragraphs of this post.

Brookfield Water is Bleh

His memory is correct. I refused to move in without a working reverse osmosis system. I will say the whole family are now excellent water drinkers because we have good water. (I will also say you should never order water at Red Robin in the mall because you will gag. Bravo! Cucina took my advise years ago at their opening and installed proper filtration.)

Go show the kid some traffic. I’ll thank you in advance.


  1. The Lorax says:

    I remember the first time I ever drank Brookfield water at my grandparent’s home. I could have swore that there was soap in my cup because the water was just so bad… but I learned to live with it.

    Miss the well water from the rural Dodge County home I grew up in. When we moved away, my mom jugged up several gallons to take with us because it was that good.

  2. My parents first well in Oklahoma had fantastic water, as did my grandmother further south in the state. New York City has great tasting water, too. No doubt, Brookfield water keeps the bottlers in business.

  3. I remember the bad tasting water from when I lived in Brookfield, and then going to my backyard neighbor’s house, and experiencing a different tasting tap water. Both of which were yucky.

  4. I guess I’m used to it, but we also filter water through our refrigerator and through a Brita filter. You can taste the chlorine in the water, especially after it sits for a while and the effervescence dissipates. I was also shocked that Brookfield does not use fluoride in its water. Found that out after I started to get cavities in my teeth about 5 years after moving here. First time I had cavities occur for many, many years, but all the other communities I lived in had fluoride in the water. Tooth decay causes inflammation that causes heart disease.