Mean people suck

I know, it’s a popular lefty bumper sticker, but it’s pretty much my mantra for this Monday morning, too.

Charlie Sykes went off on another woman this morning because she didn’t ask his permission to run for judge. He said she was too liberal. Next week, if that label doesn’t stick, our endearing Mr. Sykes will likely say she’s bipolar. That’s how Mr. Sykes works. Unfortunately, the majority of Waukesha County is only too willing to comply. (Ladies, ask yourself when the last time was that Sykes supported a woman in a non-partisan race.)

Hey Waukesha County: you’ll get what you vote for again. All those years of Jeff Speaker – who Sykes loved so dearly – didn’t exactly power Brookfield forward, did it? Taxes kept going up and up even though voters had a clear alternative. Mr. Sykes said she was too liberal and bipolar, too.

Then there’s this turd who keeps leaving comments on the blog as other people’s name. Man, (I’m quite sure you are a man) if I ever figure out who you are, I’m going to have some fun with you. I’m pretty sure assuming someone’s identity online is a felony in Wisconsin. I’ll do what I can to make it stick.

Two things I hope to get to this week: 1) We need to abandon non-partisan races in Wisconsin, and 2) Why I think the budget repair bill is now a law.

That’s assuming I don’t land in jail for sucker punching the next mean person that crosses my path.


  1. Mean people do suck, which is why I shut down my FB page–tired of getting attacked by all my blue collar relatives who plan to become rich soon. They put extreme political views ahead of family ties. I hope they remember that when their kids ask me for money (happens regularly) and when I settle the estate (I\’m executor.)

    The reason why Jeff Speaker was elected and re-elected, from what I heard, was that the seniors thought he was \”so nice.\” I wish people would vote on the basis of something more than warm fuzzy feelings. How about looking at education, experience, qualifications for making decisions on how our tax money is spent?

  2. John Foust says:

    So why is Sykes so beloved among Milwaukee-area conservatives?

  3. John, it’s because Cindy is an outlier. You know, like Nick Schweitzer.

  4. “Ladies, ask yourself when the last time was that Sykes supported a woman in a non-partisan race.”

    I don’t listen to Sykes much anymore, but I know he strongly supported Rose Ferandez over Tony Evers in 2009.

    Charlie can be a Hannity-like political hack at times. But I don’t think he is a sexist.

  5. Well, I stand corrected. You’re right, Ryan. My bent stays more local, I forgot we do have state-wide non-partisan races.

  6. Not a Sykes fan either. And, mean folks are usually scared folks IMHO. In my experience, underlying fear often propels outward anger with people who are mean.

    Winegirl that is too bad about FB. It’s not the first time I’ve heard this happening among friends and family. Growing up my parents had friends with different political beliefs, and they often had civil discussions. They genuinely liked each other and respected the others opinion. It seems like now so many people want to get in each others’ faces and try to convince rather than discuss.

    And, I have elderly relatives that vote based on “warm, fuzzy” feelings. Do you think it’s an age thing? With some of my older female relatives I’m beginning to think it is.

  7. For the record Cindy I think you are only reporting a part of the issue.

    Sykes was pointing out the difference here between this race and the Prosser/Kloppenberg race.

    We have a left wing special interest group running a hateful ad against prosser concerning a child sexual abuse case.

    And we have this liberal who made a living defending perverts.

    Charlies point was the selective outrage of the left. I only heard a bit of the segment as I was driving to an appointment but the exact words he used were “selective outrage”.

    I fail to see how pointing out this massive example of hypocrisy equates to being mean.

  8. Fred, so I take it you aren’t much of a constitutional Republican. Someone gets stuck defending the perverts. It’s the way that piece of paper is written. Too bad we can’t respect someone for doing the hard work instead of damning them for it. (No, it’s not the same thing as taking a victim’s words out of context like those third party ads are doing.)

    But you get to pick and choose. That “selective outrage” works both ways, and you know it. Besides, I think it’s funny you complain I’m only taking part of the issue when you admit to hearing only a bit of it yourself. 😉

  9. Randy in Richmond says:

    Maybe selective outrage is akin to kinetic military action.

    And you can call an election non-partisian, just as you can call a journalist or reporter non-partisian. There is no truth to either.

  10. Sykes is a sexist. Egomaniac. Irrelevant and has a pointy head with a one perspective vantage point on all issues–his. He has no objectivity, doesn’t pretend to, and always, always furthers his own agenda. It’d be a strrreeeeeetttcch to even call him an entertainer, I think he is more likely just a guy who landed a job in front of a mic and has found a way to keep his mean-spirited audience satisfied day after day. Oh, and I am a Conservative voter. I just don’t buy in to Charlie’s gig. Poor Milwaukee. Your only other option is Belling.

  11. OK. I take back the pointy head comment. That was mean. 🙂

  12. Scott Thinnes says:

    “I’m pretty sure assuming someone’s identity online is a felony in Wisconsin.”

    Or, on the telephone? But then I heard this recording of a telephone call about a month ago. You may have heard it also. It was some guy out east claiming to be someone else. Haven’t heard of any legal action in that case.

  13. Yes, I would think that’s a problem, too. I don’t know what’s become of it.

  14. Winegirl says:

    I suspect some seniors (and I am a senior myself) do vote for the “nice” candidate because they don’t like “conflict.” My mother is definitely in that category: 82 and cannot abide anything but kumbayah. Any controversy, any sign of conflict, she gets very agitated, cries, denounces people in a most uncharacteristic manner. I have reason to believe it is caused by a form of dementia, but that’s not a bar from voting.

  15. Wilson828 says:

    Wow… I thought it was just me who didn’t like his narrow minded BIG mouth and EMPTY headed opinions.

    Nice to know I have company.

    Sykes is a sensationalist. He refers to his radio program as a ‘show’. Because that’s what it is – a show. It’s all based upon limited factual information and opinion – his.

    Jeff Wagner is the same thing by the way.

    Their job is to build listener fervor and incite people … that’s how you build audience. That’s how you SELL advertising and build REVENUE.

    This isn’t about what’s right or wrong. Or fair play even. It’s about MONEY. Theirs.

    Same thing for the big mouth on WISN .. what’s his cakehole.

    Blah Blah Blah.

    Anyway … refreshing post.

    Oh and for what it’s worth .. remember now.. regardless of where you stand on the Walker Budget Bill – remember to sign the recall petition for Mary Lazich. Here’s our big chance !!!!! Don’t blow it.


  16. “Oh, and I am a Conservative voter.” Really now? LOLROFLLMAO

  17. I wouldn’t doubt that, Tom. RL is probably more conservative than I am.

    Besides, no one is questioning that you are LOLROFLLMAO even though when we see you next you will most likely still have your ass attached.

  18. Yup. Really Conservative.

    TomMc. I’m amused you’re so amused.
    right now.