Oh why not

Today’s media makes it easy to share a photo like this one:

Such a photo is an example of one good reason to not be a public figure.

I do have a bit of a problem with the story the MJS prints. The headline says:

Judge again blocks GOP collective-bargaining plan

Of course we know that’s not true. The judge prohibits the secretary of state from choosing a date to publish, but the law was published by statute. The judge didn’t block anything.

I suspect it’s hard for a judge to wake up one morning and realize she’s irrelevant through her own ignorance of the law.


  1. FairlyLiberal says:

    See, the difference between you and Judge Sumi is that one is irrelevant and one went to law school…

  2. Therefore she has much further to fall. Mine is just opinion.

    It’s another day of kangaroo court. Don’t think she’ll surprise anyone and pull out her brain.

  3. FairlyLiberal says:

    I’m surprised– I thought you might delete that comment, thus proving my point. Bravo for being thick-skinned.

    Still though, she isn’t “blocking” legislation. Rather, she wants time to listen to both sides and make a reasoned decision, and whether it passed legally in the senate. I find no fault with that. To put it in a more “conservative” comparison, how is it any different than judge’s allowing cases challenging the Health Care Overhaul? Both are published bill’s, both involve rights of working class Americans, and both at least indirectly effect either national or state budgets.

  4. Hey, I use my real name to voice my opinion. You’re the wimp who hides behind all kinds of names.

    She has no right to intervene at all, but she is anyway. The question is whether or not a committee vote was noticed, not the Senate vote.

    I will happily concede her right to intervene the moment Obama admits his healthcare bill is not in effect. You’ll have to call and take it up with him.