Eat the rich!



  1. J. Strupp says:

    1. Why is he talking about the top line $3.7 trillion? The projected budget deficit for this year is around $1.5 trillion. Are we not going to generate tax revenue this year for some reason? Taking into account projected tax revenues would get us/him to around May before he had to start hammering rich people. Maybe he should start there next time.

    2. Most liberals are fine with trillion dollar deficits over the next few years (they should be bigger IMO). I’m not sure who’s advocating “soaking the rich” to balance the budget. Balancing the budget right now would be completely irresponsible economic policy. Up until December of 2010, the Obama administration was looking to raise taxes on rich people to rates not seen since the olden days of 2003. Apparently now they’re talking about lowering corporate rates (on profits that aren’t offshored or buried by high powered tax lawyers that is).

    If you think that’s soaking the rich then you rich folks would really hate it if I was President for a day. 😉