A final thought for the evening…

How interesting that a Dane County judge controls the current fate of the state. If Dane County gets to have final say over all Wisconsin state laws, we’re kind of screwed. They don’t call it Madistan for nothing.

It makes me wonder if maybe we shouldn’t move the state capitol to Waukesha County for a few years. Or at least a couple of votes.


  1. The Lorax says:

    We don’t usually have a legislature trying to obstruct justice…

  2. You wish. Nice job avoiding the obvious, kid.

  3. Waukesha Co. the last bastion of probity, except Lady Justice is peeking out behind the blindfold and the scales she holds high are permanently tilted to the right. A former DA who couldn’t resist overcharging and botching high profile cases. Two current Judges both sanctioned for major misconduct; one for drinking too much resulting in violent outbursts, the other for gross negligence in keeping current on his cases and lying to investigators. County’s claim to fame- the most republican county of it’s size in the nation; Walker’s ideal jury of his peers.

  4. Bob in Bellevue, my point exactly! Waukesha County is the anit-Madistan.

    Now, I’m not sure why you are caught up on former, but your grudge is yours to hold. However, if you want me to buy into the other two arguments about judges you’ll have to source the news. I haven’t heard either. Do tell!

  5. I have interests in Waukesha County. You have obviously never lived in Madison. The 2 Judges are the esteemed/or not Van de Water and Dreyfus. I actually think if you can convince the Fitzs’ to change the law like they did for Scooter Jensen, namely that all incidents occurring in Dane County could be tried in the legislatures home County/ or Waukesha. Oh sorry I shouldn’t have brought up that one time convicted felon-Jensen, as his defense revolved around the idea that we always did it this way and his principal witness was to be justice David Prosser. . Glad you were a fan of former AG Bucher .

  6. Bob in Bellevue, I know you feel comfortable making your grand statements here, but I must admit I’m a bit offended. It seems you are quite comfortable in giving your opinion on any subject, but you’ve failed quite miserably in knowing me. As I see myself as your hostess, I think you’ve made a bit of a mistake. I consider you course and quite ungracious.

    Now, if you’d like to spend some time in these archives and attempt to know me better, well then you are welcome to return. Until then, stuff it.


  7. Randy in Richmond says:

    b in b

    Two current Judges both sanctioned for major misconduct..”

    “Van de Water and Dreyfus…”

    Provide a link or proof of your statement.

  8. Randy in Richmond says:

    Well Cindy, b in b either took your advice and shoved it, or didn’t/couldn’t answer my question. I’ll give him/her the benefit of the doubt that they’re still trying to find that link.