Like Pigs in the Klop

Some closing thoughts on the Supreme Court race.

1) The new Prosser ad put on by Citizens for a Stronger America is beyond wonderful.  I cannot imagine a more effective way of reversing the disgusting attacks of Klop and her supporters than having the response come directly from Mr. Merryfield’s mouth.  Kudos to him for having courage to film the ad…. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for him to do so.

2) Kloppenburg is exactly what we need less of…. an environmental wacko who puts trivial DNR rules ahead of real people and common sense. If you vote for her, you have zero right to complain if you are the next one who spends your life savings to build a house only to have the DNR come in and tell you that you cannot build and your property is worthless.

3) So who is going to win?  I am pessimistic about Prosser’s chances.  There is not much that I think he has done wrong, but my sense is that many conservatives are too complacent (“our guy got 58% of the vote in a 4 way primary…. surely he cannot lose!”).  All the energy is on Kloppengburg’s side and she will be able to get the massive turnout she needs in Madison to win.  My guess is 53-47 Klop.  I sure hope I’m wrong.