How I’ll be voting tomorrow


David T. Prosser, Jr. for Justice of the Supreme Court

I probably don’t have to explain this one. Yes, I think he’ll win. No, I don’t think it will be a landslide.


Kathy Stilling for Waukesha County Judge

Yes, I’ve heard, she’s supposed to be more liberal than Barack Obama, but I know Kathy, and I like her. Our kids have dated. Her parenting standards are as conservative as mine. We go to the same church, and we both go regularly. Besides, her opponent has been the member of a union for two decades (Oh, what? He forgot to put that on his resume?) and at this particular time, I don’t think I want a union player over someone who’s run a business for several years. Here’s what the MJS wrote in February:

Willy Haus, a lawyer who negotiates contracts for the State Engineers Association and the Association of State Prosecutors, said Walker could have more easily hit the number he wanted in concessions – about $300 million over two years – if he negotiated with the unions.

Haus said workers were willing to give up compensation. But he said Walker’s plans went far beyond those kinds of concessions.

“This is about busting unions and there is no nicer way to put it,” Haus said. “It’s not about money. This is a hate crime.”

Yet Sykes calls the union member the real conservative. That candidate’s professional representative says Governor Scott Walker is out pushing a “hate crime” with the budget repair bill.

Don’t bother with all that she-defends-sex-offenders stuff either. Our constitution demands someone has to do it. I guess it makes her more brave than the other wimps out there. In Waukesha County we do a miserable job of electing strong women candidates. I plan to keep trying. (Do you realize currently only three of twelve Waukesha County judges are women?)

For Elmbrook School board I’m voting for:

Richard Brunner for the Area I seat. Dick is a wonderful curmudgeon. He leans left just like his opponent, but he will keep the administration so busy I will probably love him for it.

Nancy Kormanik will be written in for the at-large race.

(Hey Kyle! I stole your picture. Excellent job getting that one done as a sample.)

I’m most excited about this race. Nancy stepped in to run when Kathryn Wilson flip-flopped her position and chose to be pro-4K.

In an email exchange with Wilson I asked:

Does that mean you will vote for 4K?

Wilson replied:

Yes. Not a place I expected to be…

Just for your amusement I’ll share this final exchange from me:

Well you won’t be getting a standing ovation from me.

Guess that’s that.

How the woman still got good Republicans (you know how I hate that term, so it’s in italics, but really, steadfast, dues-paying members of the Waukesha County Republican Party!) to write letters recommending her is beyond me. I guess Wilson wasn’t sharing her decision with just everyone.

Now, there’s a lot of grumbling that Kormanik will split right-minded votes with Wilson and send Schulz to the chair. To that I say, oh well. They’re planning to vote exactly the same on all issues so it won’t matter a hill of beans.

I suspect that’s why Wilson changed her tune. She knew Schulz is pro-4K and hoped to make it so that without any issues to divide them, she would keep her place as the incumbent. There’s also the chance that Wilson will pick up enough Schulz votes combined with her good Republican votes to keep her spot.

But, then…there’s also the chance that Kormanik will break through. I must say I’m very pleased with the way she timed her campaign. She filed her paperwork and was included in the district forum. BrookfieldNOW gave her equal weight to the other two candidates. I’m not positive it will work, but she has managed an excellent write-in campaign.

Write-ins aren’t as scoffed as they used to be. After all, voters elected a Senator from Alaska that way recently.


  1. Anthony says:

    Just out of curiosity, if you lived in Milwaukee County, who would you vote for County Executive?

  2. Stone. Hands down. Abele is not a good fit, no matter how hard they try.

  3. To modify Meatloaf, 3 out of 4 ain’t bad.

    I’m with you on Prosser, Kormanik, and Brunner. However, I will be voting for Carter. I agree with you that from what I know, he (like Brunner) is not a perfect candidate, but then I stumbled across this from 2008:

    Kathleen Stilling, a 53-year-old lawyer and self-described lifelong Democrat, said she was voting for experience by voting for Clinton.

    “I really like Barack Obama too, and if he’s the candidate I’ll cheerfully vote for him,” Stilling said. “But I’m here today to vote for who I want. … Either way, it’s a historic day.”

    If I don’t know much about candidate A, but candidate B says she loved both Hilary and Obama so much she could barely make up her mind, I think I’ll risk it and go for A.

    This is not in any way an attack on you, Cindy. If you have a relationship with Kathy and feel she’d be an effective judge, more power to you.

  4. I know Ryan. I know. But then I voted for Hillary in that primary, too.

    Thanks for clarifying it’s not an attack on me. I didn’t say Kathy will win. I just said I’ll be voting for her instead of the union guy. Neither one of them are conservatives. Carter just joined the Republican Party six months ago when Stilling got the spot as a strategy to beat her. It could work.

  5. Full disclosure: I voted for Hillary too, but only because Romney had already dropped out and I thought it might be interesting to do my part to try to extend the primary a bit. 🙂

  6. Ok, that’s funny! We didn’t even know each other then. Ms. Clinton is looking far more presidential these days, don’t you think?

  7. Wilson828 says:

    does anyone really pay attn to this old fool anymore?

  8. He was prior to my time. I didn’t even know the name.

  9. Wilson828 says:

    well.. i’m disappointed.

    if you had known him.. you’d have plenty to say.

  10. Hey, not a problem on using my photo, but then, you probably knew that!

    I voted for Hillary in the primary and blogged about it too (if memory serves me correctly) because at least if she won, I felt she would be better than Obama and wanted to keep the contest going.

    I don’t know about you, Cindy, but I have had THE most blog traffic ever today all about Prosser–both the Feb primary and April 5th posts I did, followed by Carter, followed by Kormanik. That encourages me.

  11. Randy in Richmond says:

    This electing judges sounds so foreign to me. How does one decide how to vote that is non-political ? I can’t get my head around going to the Bench with some level of agenda.

  12. I always do an extra 500 page loads a day the day before an election because the post I did on how to find your sample ballot always googles well.

    Yippee! on the news about the Kormanik post. I’m really crossing my fingers on that one.

  13. The high blog traffic continues. At 8am I had as many hits as on an average day.

    Hot topics still remain the judges and Kormanik for school board.

    Heard on the radio that the parking lot was full and there were lines in Genesse.

  14. I hope that fares well for Prosser. If Waukesha County manages an 80% voter turnout, it could really bolster his returns.

    If Kormanik pulls it off, we have to have a party. 🙂

  15. Wife and I voted for Kormanik, but I think the large turnout will hurt her. Hopefully folks who voted for Prosser but don’t know any of the other races leave them blank rather than randomly voting for Wilson or Schultz.

  16. We may disagree on that one. It’s just Elmbrook district, and a strong turnout is usually an informed turnout. It might actually help.

    One thing’s for certain: we won’t know until it’s over.