The left displays a genuine lack of logical ability

Zach from Blogging Blue has taken offense with my suggestion that we should work in a few months to recall Doug La Follett.

He even cites the Wisconsin constitution!

Article IV, §17 ¶(2)
(2) No law shall be enacted except by bill. No law shall be in force until published.

The step the dear man misses is that La Follett publishes a notice that the law was published by the Legislative Reference Bureau. La Follett is not charged with publishing the law. But then we’ve been through all that before, haven’t we?

I suppose what Zach really did in his post is confirm that 2011 WI Act 10 is law. I have a feeling that wasn’t his intention.


  1. The same kind of thinking leads Zach to believe that those who did their job should be recalled and those that fled their jobs are heroes.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    Well said, Fred.