We may need “Pass the Damn Bill” bumper stickers

Mike from Letters in Bottles is right where I was the other day.

Pass the damn thing and let’s move on.

I do think it will be a bit. We’re almost to the Supreme Court vote, and I know that’s one hurdle that needed to be jumped before we potentially got another vote. I still think (it was in a comment the other day) that we’re looking at at least May 2nd before there’s a vote scheduled. That’s when the deadlines pass for recalls.

We know the Senate lost one Republican in the first vote – the original all R vote in the Senate was 18 to 1. Another Republican, Kapanke, is facing recall in LaCrosse. Fourteen Democrats. That would still make a vote 17 to 16 if Kapanke wimped out. But! there are two others, Darling and Hopper, considered to be targets. Darling I will vouch for in this one as standing strong. Hopper? He’s supposed to be incredibly vulnerable right now, but he doesn’t seem like someone who would quickly sell out a vote, even if May 2 comes around and he’s on the recall list.

I wonder if Judge Maryann Sumi saw the May 2 calendar date as well. She’s put her next possible court interaction past the end of May.

I still need one of those bumper stickers. I really want this thing done, too.