Democrats Blaming Democrats

For a little national news today, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that Khalid Sheik Mohammad, September 11’s mastermind, will be tried by a military tribunal in Guantanamo Bay–not New York City. In true Obama administration fashion he blamed the decision on everybody else–predominantly the US Congress. He said this:

“Sadly, this case has been marked by needless controversy since the beginning, but despite all the arguments and debate that it has engendered, the prosecution of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his co-conspirators should never have been about settling ideological arguments or scoring political points,” Holder said.

He further blamed Congress by saying this:

“Those unwise and unwarranted restrictions undermine our counterterrorism efforts and could undermine our national security,”

And those restictions he’s talking about ? They were passed by Congress in December, 2010. Why is that significant ? At the time Congress was hugely controlled by the Democrats and obviously there was a Democratic administration in the White House. This by the man who, at the same time the first black American was sworn in as President, called the US “ a nation of cowards” when it comes to race relations. It’s helpful that we on the right are not the only ones being critical of the Democratic Congress when one of their own highly placed officials does it for us.

And no small part of this decision by the Democratic Congress is the fact that poll after poll of independent voters has shown that they have no taste to hold the trials of terrorists in the US. After years of supporting the trials in the US the Democrats in Congress flipped for political reasons and gave the Obama administration a way out of having to make a tough decision–which they took. Another in a long line of decisions by this administration to vote present.

And those of you on the left take yet another political slap in the face from this administration who figures they will have your support regardless.

Bottom line, the trials will be held in the place President Obama signed an order to close, by January 2010, on his first day in office. Furthermore they will be held not in civilian court, in the United States, as candidate Obama promised, but in a military tribunal just as the previous administration advocated under extreme critism for years.