I love voting

I always get hugs when I vote because I run into people I haven’t seen all winter. Let’s hope your voting experience is just as pleasant.

Turn out looks to be very strong, by the way. Our little district in Brookfield – the 2nd – is one of the best voting districts in the city, the city has pretty much the best record in the county, and Waukesha County is a bit of a legend within the nation. In other words, I’m kind of sitting in the middle of the voting universe. The trick is to never, ever take that for granted.


  1. At 9:30, Wards 14-17 on Calhoun had nearly 400 ballots cast. We came at a similar time a few months back and I’m not sure it was even that high in November!

    So I think my sense of Waukesha county not being having a very high level of enthusiasm was in error. So I’m pretty sure my prediction that Klop wins by 6 points is wrong. Now, she still might win, but if she does, it will be a lot closer than that.

  2. I was number 662 in District 7 shortly before noon. That is high for District 7 spring election.

    This was interesting: A young woman was trying to same day register. She said she was purged from the voter rolls but had voted in November. I think the registrar called city hall to check on something?

    Since there was a line to get my ballot, I also overheard a bit later that the reason she didn’t have a drivers license was that it was suspended for having more than 10 points on it?

    They were still there talking to the registrar when I finished voting, but they left right after I left the building because I saw them get into their car as I was driving out.

    I don’t believe she was allowed to vote because she couldn’t have possibly gotten a ballot in that short time with the lines.